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One Finger Medical


“When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best Something Funny and Sarcastic”

Cerebral Itch is a politically incorrect company makes hilarious products like t-shirts, greeting cards, wine labels and magnets.  When I saw their “One Finger Medical” cards and t-shirt, I just had to order one of each to satisfy my medical fetish.

The T-shirt is pale blue and thin cotton material with the words: “Remember: 1 finger, medical, 2 fingers, magical!”  For some reason, this just seemed so fitting for me, not sure why (smirk).  They come in M and L, so I picked a medium, but the T-shirt is a bit snug.  Usually I do take medium, but it all depends on the company.  Here is what Cerebral Itch says about their sizing: “Our shirts are tailored to fit and compliment most body types. If you wish to have a baggier fit, order a size larger or get a salad and take the stairs for the rest of the week.”  Okay, I guess I’ve been told.  Stairs it is.

The greeting card is the same one, with the same slogan.  I’m not sure who I want to give this to yet, so for now I’ve hung it on my wall, so I can look up and laugh every once in a while and not take things too seriously.

So if you are looking to wear a sarcastic statement on your chest, or send someone a greeting card, check out the rest of their products: Greeting Cards & T-shirts.

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