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Lovemoiselle Aveline

Ceramic dildos are nothing new.  According to Wikipedia, “Dildos in one form or another have been present in society throughout history”, the oldest one known, a 28,000 year old “sculpted and polished phallus” made from siltstone found in a German cave.  From the same time period, the earliest known ceramic objects are dated: “Gravettian figurines from the Upper Paleolithic period” such as Venus statuettes “of a nude female figure… made by molding and then firing a mixture of clay and powdered bone.”  Given this data, it is not a huge leap to think our Cro-Magnon sisters were enjoying cold, hard ceramic dildos in their stone-age pussies.

Fast forward to 2009 and now we can enjoy the luxury of gorgeous, designer dildos made of glazed ceramic by Lovemoiselle that turn your sex toy into a work of art.  These lovely dildos are as beautiful to behold as they are practical to use.  Why?  Ceramic is smooth and sleek, so feels great as a sex toy.  It is a non-porous, hypo-allergenic, body-safe material that makes them the most hygienic and easy to clean adult toys on the market.  Ceramic can be heated or cooled for temperature play, and little bit of your favorite lube goes long way.  Add to that, the quality of these dildos, that if cared for properly, should last a lifetime, and you have a product that is very environmentally friendly as well.

When I tell my friends about my new ceramic dildos, they always say, “Well aren’t they kind-of hard for putting in your vagina?”  The answer is, “Yes, they are hard, but the G-spot LOVES hard, unyielding objects rubbing against it.”  So, ceramic dildos are perfect for G-spot stimulation and learning to female ejaculate.

The Aveline by Lovemoiselle was designed specifically for G-spot play.  It is a slow curving toy with a rounded head that is angled to massage the G-spot once inserted about 1”-2” deep.  The curving waves of this dildo make it ergonomically comfortable to hold as well.  The base features a small, rubber plug that can be removed to fill your toy with hot or cold water, making it ideal for temperature play.  Like glass, ceramic toys should not be subjected to extreme temperature, or dropped for obvious reasons.  We wouldn’t want our lovely dildo to chip, crack or break.

The dildo is the color of bone, with a turquoise long-stemmed flower, making it simply elegant.  It comes packaged in a nice black cardboard box that is great for storage as well.  Lovemoiselle’s vision is to “help human’s sexuality to bloom by creating unique and innovative objects that combine perfect function with elegant design”, and they have definitely reached their goal with the Aveline.  Beautiful, practical, and excellent quality makes Lovemoiselle’s ceramic dildos some of the sexiest and most innovative sex toys on the market.  These toys are sure to get you squirting.

Pick up a Lovemoiselle Aveline and other ceramic sex toys at Pop My Cherry Shop and make your Cro-Magnon sisters green with envy!

Previously Published in the Sex Carnival.

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