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Jeffery Scott – Visions Within The Mechanism


“Man made machines make music for the man.
Now machines make music while the man makes plans.
A second generation, a generation lost,
While the man prepares for the holocaust.

Man made machines to control the days,
Now machines control while the man obeys.
A second generation, a generation lost
While machines prepare for the holocaust.”

–Jeffery Scott’s Portfolio- OneModelPlace

The surreal fetishistic photography of Jeffery Scott

“Scott’s art rattles the viewer with piercing commentaries on beauty, relationships and humanity, exposing our universal cruelties and grotesque inner mechanisms. Holding a fun-house mirror up to our carefully constructed realities, he forces us to question which side is real. Scott spoke with us about his inspirations, nightmares and artistic evolution.”

Interview with Jeffery Scott

You can buy his book “Visions Within The Mechanism” on Amazon


Visions from Within the Mechanism:

The Industrial Surrealism of Jeffrey Scott

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