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Design Your Own Sex Toy?! is a new luxury sex toy designer in the UK that allows users design their own sex toys online.This may sound rather odd, but you have to see it in action to appreciate it.

First, you choose from 6 different templates of their “off the peg” designer dildos and then go into their Made to Pleasure Boutique to change various features on the design, such as length, width, and shape by using the design tools.  Pretty fabulous.

When you’ve finished with your design you can choose your finish- clear acrylic, silver or gold. “Stone settings, inscriptions, special materials” can also be added.

Their off the peg designs start from £80.00 to £120.00, but the made to order ones would probably cost a lot more depending on your add-ons.


“Every woman has completely individual desires, predilections and even anatomical differences. There’s no one-size-fits-all option at Made To Pleasure – we really believe each woman should be led by her own desires and preferences.

Our range of toys is unashamedly beautiful, each unique piece crafted from premium materials and uniquely designed to suit specific preferences. The bespoke design option even allows you to completely craft something that’s perfect just for you.

We know you’ll adore our toys, but what we really hope is that you’ll enjoy the exploration even more – and we’ll help you out with all the knowledge, as well as the tools, to fully enjoy your gorgeous self.”

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  1. Delta O. says:

    This is awesome! The website is easy to use, omg it is fun. Thanks for sharing this, it’s excellent!

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