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The Importance of Self-Pleasure to a Woman’s Sexual Health and Satisfaction

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Achieving sexual satisfaction is difficult for many, and it’s sometimes a challenge for women specifically. Part of the issue may be social conditioning, but lack of sexual self-knowledge is an issue that is seldom discussed, at least publicly. The problem isn’t necessarily the nuts and bolts mechanics of sex, but a deficiency in knowing what makes you tick sexually. You can’t help another to give you pleasure if you don’t know how yourself. However, that isn’t the only benefit to masturbation.

Self-Pleasure and Body Confidence

The more comfortable you are with your body, the more body confidence you’ll have. Learning how your body responds to touch – and learning where your own erogenous zones lie – is a fun and educational way to become at ease with yourself. The more relaxed and confident you feel personally, the more relaxed and responsive you’ll become with a partner.

The Role of Self-Pleasuring in Anticipation

Although masturbation is a good and necessary tool for learning how to receive pleasure, it needn’t be an end in itself. Whether you’re married, in a relationship or single and dating, self-pleasuring can also be a prelude for you and your partner. Imagine the response from sending an SMS to your significant other or potential sex partner detailing your solo activities in anticipation of a meeting. It is also trick that men frequently employ to allow them to last longer during a tryst if the night gets sexual or to release sexual tension before a date if sex isn’t on the table for whatever reason. There’s no reason for it to be any different for a woman.

No Shame in the Game

Masturbation isn’t the domain of sad, lonely people with no social life. Among other benefits, it is a great way to release stress. It’s also fun to do alone or with a partner. Although it’s a given that little boys will learn the art of self-pleasure on their own and at a young age, the subject is rarely, if ever, discussed among women. The best way to begin is to choose a place where you have the privacy to get naked and the time to explore, whether that’s in the shower or elsewhere in your home.

Don’t start in the obvious sexualised areas of your body, but feel yourself all over, taking note of your sensory perceptions and the places on your body that are more sensitive than others. Fantasizing can help you get in the mood as well, and there should be no limits, shame or judgment regarding your fantasies; this is your mind, your time and your personal pleasure. If you begin to feel aroused, don’t be afraid to take it to its logical conclusion. Eventually, you can add vibrators or other toys and discover new avenues to pleasure.

Self-pleasure requires no special equipment or knowledge, but accessories increase the fun and enjoyment immensely. If you’re too intimidated to go to a sex shop in persona, there are online sources selling adult toys Australia that allow couples and singles to shop discretely. Online shopping offers fast access, confidentiality and a flavor to satisfy any taste. Whatever your pleasure or relationship status, adding toys and accessories will help you take your level of satisfaction to the next level.


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