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Self-Pleasure and Masturbation: The Pros & Cons

As much as it is becoming more common and mainstream, to discuss and feel ok about self-pleasure, there is still a stigma and many limiting beliefs we carry around. Depending on your generation, religion and familial beliefs you may have been told or led to believe that self-pleasure or masturbation...


Tired of Masturbating Alone?

There was a time when masturbating alone was the norm.  Sitting in your dark room alone, watching the same scene on your erotic DVD over and over again, boring, boring, boring. Mutual Masturbation Nowadays, you don’t have to masturbate in the dark and all alone, even if you don’t have...


The Importance of Self-Pleasure to a Woman’s Sexual Health and Satisfaction

Achieving sexual satisfaction is difficult for many, and it’s sometimes a challenge for women specifically. Part of the issue may be social conditioning, but lack of sexual self-knowledge is an issue that is seldom discussed, at least publicly. The problem isn’t necessarily the nuts and bolts mechanics of sex, but...

Hysteria: The Wandering Uterus & A Brief History of the Vibrator 0

Hysteria: The Wandering Uterus & A Brief History of the Vibrator

This article was previously published in Brilliant Smut 2001 Hysterical History “Ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed female hysteria (uppityness) was caused by a disgruntled meandering uterus, or hysteria. Hysterectomies were performed to rid hysterical women of their nomadic reproductive organs.” — from Hysteria, “suffering uterus” Hysteria has an ancient and...

Self Abuse and Masturbation Myths 0

Self Abuse and Masturbation Myths

From ErosBlog Masturbation has been one of the most tabooed subjects throughout history and destructive myths still circulate in today’s society. Yet, it is the most common form of sexual play and a study by the Kinsey Institute maintains that between 62 percent of women and 92 percent of men...