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Good Clean Love The Passionate Nights Kits Review & Contest

Today I am reviewing the Passionate Nights Kit by Good Clean Love, a company that I love and with whom I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing products from before.

But, before the reviews, here’s how you can enter the contest and win the Passionate Nights Kit for your very own!

To enter the contest, do the following to get 1 entry each:

  1. Leave us comment on this page telling us you want to Win the Passionate Nights Kit. You have to do this one to win, and be willing to send us your address so we can send you your prize if you win.  The other ways to enter below will give you 1 extra entry, and while not mandatory, we truly appreciate your support!
  2. Tell us 1 eco-friendly thing you pledge to do to help make the world greener.  (This can be eliminating toxic ingredients from your products, recycling, planting a tree or garden, using greener products, using energy saving light bulbs or whatever you want to do).  We would also love it if you would PLEDGE this for our “a Billion Acts of Green®” page as well.
  3. If you have twitter please add @DominaDoll & @GoodCleanLove your twitter and re-tweet about our contest: Visit for “Green Sex Toy Month” and enter contests to WIN!
  4. If you have Facebook you can also LIKE PopMyCherryReview and GoodCleanLove. We really appreciate the support!
  5. Finally, if you have a blog, please repost our “Green Sex Toy Month” post to encourage others to enter.

The Passionate Nights Kit Review

Warning:  Do not test these products when you are hungry or horny unless you are prepared for the repercussions!

The Passionate Nights Kit is a delectably sensual lover’s kit that will inspire passion and intimacy together.   Most of the adult products on the market are aimed at solo sex (which is great!), but it is nice to see sensual products that couple’s can share together.  The Passionate Nights Kit is just such a product.

Just the name of the product reminds me of exotic Arabian Nights tales (not the Disney kind), which is actually appropriate as all the products in the kit are spicy and exotic.  I can almost imagine a bevy of belly dancers dancing to a sitar as I eat oysters from the shell surrounded by my little harem.  Okay did I say for lovers, maybe I meant orgy!  Just kidding.  That’s how my mind works sometimes.

The Passionate Nights Kit contains 3 full size products: a Good Clean Love Lube, Love Oil, and Body Candy, all your choice of favorites/scents.

Yum! Yum! Yum! I don’t know where to start…

Good Clean Love Cinnamon/Vanilla Lubricant (4 oz)

Okay, I’m starting with the Cinnamon/Vanilla Lubricant, because this is my ultimate most favorite lube when it comes to oral sex.  It is excellent for every other type of sex as well, but for oral it is perfection as it “naturally” smells and tastes so delicious with extracts of vanilla and cinnamon.

The scent is an aphrodisiac and added to your lover’s genitals makes a feast for the senses.  The slight taste of vanilla and cinnamon is divine and will encourage lapping, licking and sucking as lingering lovemaking or foreplay.

The lube itself is water-based and nice and thick, glides on smooth and wet, then absorbs fully into the body leaving no sticky after goop to wash off.  Reapply or emulsify with water if you need more.  Perfect of vaginal intercourse, oral sex (the bomb!) and even thick enough for anal sex.

Made from all natural ingredients including aloe vera, xanthan gum and agar (seaweed) which is perfect for adding slickness to your sex play, Good Clean Love’s lubes don’t contain any parabens or petrochemicals.  Safe for latex condoms, all toy materials, 100% Vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic.  Need I say more?


Deionized Water, Agar, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Benzoic Acid, Natural Extratives and Flavors, Potassium Sorbate, Xanthan Gum

Good Clean Love Indian Spice Love Oil

The Indian Spice Love Oil is exotic and spicy, perfect to use as a scent or to mix with a natural massage oil.  The scent is blended with pure essential oils that smell like Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Cinnamon.  Picture a spicy, sweet, intoxicating fragrance sweeping in under palm trees in a desert oasis.

I am an essential oil freak and love to smooth the oil in my hair after it is dry to smooth the frizzes and apply it to all my carnal pressure points.  A few drops in the tub go a long way to creating an exotic bath for two, or add a spoonful to olive oil (or massage oil) to create a sensual lover’s massage.

Like all Good Clean Love products the Indian Spice Love Oil is all 100% natural, vegan, edible, and made from therapeutic grade essential oils (both organic and wild crafted whenever possible).


Apricot Kernel Oil, Exotic Blend of Essential Oils, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E antioxidant formula

Good Clean Love Vanilla/Chai Body Candy

Okay, so if the top two products haven’t got your mouth watering yet, the Vanilla/Chai Body Candy is bound to do so.  This body candy smells exactly like Vanilla/Chai specialty iced tea.  It comes in a small tin with a solid waxy smooth texture like a soy candle or balm.  Scrape off a layer and apply to the body as a rich moisturizer to kiss and lick away.  Also makes a perfect lip balm that will make your lips irresistible!

Again, like the products above Good Clean Love’s Body Candy is made from all natural ingredients, 100% Vegan, edible, organic and delicious!


Avocado Butter, Candelila Wax, Exotic Blend of Essential Oils, Isopropyl Myristate, Lecithin, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Stevia Extract, Tocopherol

PS:  Shop at Good Clean Love the month of April to receive 15% off with coupon code : DOMINA15

Enter to win the Good Clean Love Passionate Nights Kit by commenting below.

Good luck!

(Contest open to adult 18+ in the continental US and Canada only).

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21 Responses

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Love the scents/flavors. Great picks. I would love to win this one.

  2. AngelovElvis says:

    I would like to win Good Clean Nights Passionate Love Kit and my wife loves chai.

  3. CLP says:

    I want to win the Passionate Nights kit because Good Clean Love is my FAVORITE lube! I was lucky enough to try out the Lavender Rose, and as quick as that, became an adamant fan! I’d LOVE to try out the cinnamon vanilla, as it sounds delicious. I’m also very curious about the body candy. I’d really love to win this one! 😀

  4. CLP says:

    A pledge that I am promising to uphold is to promote recycling at work. I found a small blue wastebin that I recently took to work and encouraged my coworkers to drop their bottles and recyclables in and that I would take them home at the end of the week. So far, its just my junk in there, but that is still a little bit’s worth that is not going into the dumpsters!

  5. Cassondra says:

    i want to Win the Passionate Nights Kit.

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  6. Cassondra says:

    i already pledged at the site but I might put up another one stating that as a family, I have decided to feed our infant organic and home made baby purees so I Hope this counts. Yes, post this on a sex toy blog? Well … its another pledge. lol.
    Cassondra Law

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  7. Cassondra says:

    i follow @dominadoll & @goodcleanlove.


    muloove at yahoo dot com

  8. Cassondra says:

    i like PopMyCherryReview & Good Clean Love on fb.
    Cassondra Law

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  9. Inky Ink says:

    This would be lovely to have on long weekends!

  10. Inky Ink says:

    I pledge to have less plastic products and more organic foods in my home.

  11. alanna says:

    I’d like to win this fun kit! I think it’d be completely useful, as I’m very good at all the things the contents are used for 😀

  12. I’ve tried many Good Clean Love products and they’re all great I’d love to win some more!

  13. I pledge to recycle all of my sex toy packaging

  14. I like PopMyCherry and Good Clean Love on Facebook as Lucid Obsession

  15. alanna says:

    I have started using my dryer for only half my laundry and air/hang-drying the other half.

  16. alanna says:

    Follow you and GoodCleanLove on Twitter @fairy_jewelry, and the Tweet is here:!/fairy_jewelry/status/63775270297014273

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