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G-Ki Vibe by Je Joue

My apologies to PinkCherry (and to my viewers, cause you will want this kick ass G-spot Vibe!) for the delay in posting this review…

A few years ago (2008), a revolutionary new sex toy appeared on the market that knocked everyone’s socks off.  It was the SaSi by Jo Joue [my review], named the best sex toy of 2009 by Cosmo magazine and 1 of the top 10 toys of 2008 by Fleshbot.  The SaSi boasted of “sexual intelligence” and claimed to mimic oral sex by learning what you like.  Sadly, it was the only sex toy that Je Joue made for many years.

Thankfully, Je Joue got busy and designed a very special vibe for the G-spot called the G-Ki.  This long overdue sex toy was really worth the wait.  There is NOTHING on the market quite like it, as it is a G-spot dildo, sophisticated vibrator and dual clit and G-spot vibe all in one.  Seriously… Wait until you see how it works.

Je Joue realized that no two women’s bodies are the same, so they designed a vibrating dildo that targets the G-spot by allowing you to adjust the angle and curve via bendable joints.  Pretty ingenious and fantastic really.  Made from medical-grade silicone, this toy has a velvety soft feel and spongy head, yet firm inner skeleton that adjusts and locks into position using two lockable joints.  Each joint (one at the “neck” just below the head, and one half-way down the body) has a button that when pressed allows the joints to bend and lock into 11 different positions from lazy J to almost a U-shaped dual clit and G-spot vibe.  This allows the user to pick the perfect shape for maximum G-spot (and/or clitoral) stimulation.

Watch the Video to see a demo of how the G-Ki works

While the flexibility of the toy, it’s awesome G-spot curve and softly rounded head are enough in and of itself, Je Joue went one step further and made the G-Ki a vibrator.  This vibe features two vibration points (head and body), as well as five intensity levels and five pulsation modes, so you can cycle through to find the one that works best for you.  The vibrations are strongest at the head where you would need it and are a deep and resonant.  One vibration pattern feels like a wave undulating through you.

The G-Ki, like most G-spot dildos, is best used in a rocking up and down motion, rather than an in and out thrust.  However, you can thrust into the G-spot in the lengthened position, and use it in a rocking motion as a clit and G-spot vibe.

The toy measures 7 ½” in length and has a 4” girth.  But, that’s not all.  This vibe is also waterproof, rechargeable, and includes a storage bag, warranty and user manual.  Seriously, Je Joue has thought of EVERYTHING!

But wait!  The vibe features an innovative charger as well, recharging via a magnetic charging apparatus, rather than a cord to plug in.  You attach the charger to two magnetic buttons on the control panel and plug the charger into the wall.  It takes approximately two hours to fully charge, while the LED light changes from blinking to a solid light, and gives you two hours of vibrations.

I don’t know what else I can possibly say about this toy, except that it is absolutely amazing.  If you haven’t found your G-spot by now, let this toy show you were it is and rock your world.

Thank you for for providing this product for review.  You can purchase the G-Ki at and for Canadian customers.  I also want to mention that PinkCherry has exceptional customer service and very fast shipping, even if you live in Canada, which is a real bonus!

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