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Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Paddle

I’m a huge fan of Bettie Page and retro pin up art, so was very keen when I saw the launch of the Bettie Page Official Pleasure Products Collection which features an array of sexy kink products from bondage and spanking to pleasure vibes. sent me two toys from the collection to review: the Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Paddle and the Bettie Page Collar and Leash Set.  Today I am reviewing the Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Paddle.

First of all, I was thrilled at the presentation of this product in a gorgeous collector’s gift box—great for gift giving and oh-so-sexy!  Inside the sleek black covered box is a sleeve with various pin-up photos of Bettie Page in her fetish look.  The paddle is strapped inside the box with black cloth bands that feature Bettie Page’s signature in silver script.  The paddle comes with two cute collector items: a small collector’s Bettie Page card (kind of like a baseball card) and a cute, sexy little key chain.  Bonus!  I love the attention to little details like that.

The paddle has two sides: one with a classic fetish pin-up photo of an iconic Bettie on it and the other side quilted black faux leather, with a black hanging ribbon on the end of the handle.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and structure of this paddle.  It is very well made: quite sturdy and firm, much heavier than I would have thought.  At 10 ½” in length and a 5” width across the paddle’s spanking surface, it is quite broad with lots of paddling room for saucy bottoms.  The fabric is softly quilted on one side (very well sewn) and smoothly firm on the photo side, each giving a different type of whack!  The quilted side is sweetly soothing with a wide thuddy wallop, while the firm side can give you quite a sting.

This paddle isn’t for die-hard masochists, and meant to be more playful than evil.  It is super fun to play with and the perfect tool for beginners or those interested in getting into light sensual spanking.  It is also the perfect gift for Bettie Page or retro pin-up enthusiasts who are into kinky collectables.  It would be a great gift to give to your lover to suggest that you’d like to add sensual spanking to your sexy bucket list (hint/hint!).

You can get this lovely paddle and the other sexy Bettie Page Pleasure Products at , purveyors of 100% body safe adult products.  They have a great selection of beautiful high quality products, all made of body safe materials with very reasonable prices.  They currently have a 15% off site wide offer with free shipping (US) with a $70 min purchase, so it is great time to get your holiday shopping started early!

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  1. March 14, 2015

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