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AltSexTalk.001-Edge Play is a new podcast by yours truly and we just had our first ever podcast AltSexTalk.001-Edge Play.

Listen to AltSexTalk.001-Edge Play

More about the show:

AltSexTalk is NOT the usual lame-assed podcast about SEX.  We are not sexperts, sex educators nor the Cosmo Tells All of Sex and we will not give you advice on your lame-assed sex life (although we may have the occasional sexpert on the show).  There are lots of sex podcasts that do that much better (or) worse than us.  What we are is a bunch of sexy radical hedonists who want to dish on sexual, controversial, edgy, alternative, kinky subjects of an adult nature, challenging boundaries and lame-assed attitudes about sex, kink and popular culture.  Don’t expect us to be sweet or politically correct.  Don’t expect us to beat around the bush (beat it maybe, but not around).  Expect frank discussions on interesting topics featuring way-cool guests, as well as humor, satire and poking fun at ourselves and others.  In other words, don’t take us too seriously.  AltSexTalk is for entertainment purposes only.  If you are enlightened or better educated after listening to one of our shows, that was just a fluke.

More about Episode 001:

AltSexTalk.001- Edge Play

In this episode Domina Doll, Jarl Mezentius and dira talk about Edge Play introducing the shocking shooting dead by Arthur Sedille of his wife as they played out a kinky fantasy.  This episode talks about the different forms of edge play, what is it, when does it go too far, and different forms including breath play, play rape, cannibalism, self castration, blood play, needle play, scat and other various edge play practices.

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