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12 Days of Christmas Sex Toys List


Betty Page 1923-2008  — RIP

My new “12 Days of Christmas Sex Toys List” is up at Viviane’s Sex Carnival, just in time for holiday shopping.  So rush on over there now to check out the must-haves for the season.  Have a sexy holiday season whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or are a Pagan Heathen like myself, and be sure to celebrate your sexuality by indulging yourself!

What’s on the list? How about the Goldfrau Ceramic Dildo shown below?

10. Goldfrau Ceramic Dildo

The Goldfrau Ceramic Dildo is a slip-cast porcelain beauty that is both strong and stylish. The Goldfrau features a ball end and a smooth, straight shaft that’s been designed for ease of penetration. It can be moderately warmed or cooled by using water from the tap, or placed in the refrigerator for a short amount of time. Each Goldfrau has been handcrafted, and both the ceramic and the glaze have been selected for its strength and durability. Highly hygienic, the Goldfrau is nonporous, and can be cleaned by being washed with a mild soap and water. Comes with a leather storage bag.

Goldfrau Ceramic Dildo

Go on over and see what other fine sex toys are on the list.  Some might not even be sex toys at all?

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