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Bondage 101—Part 1: Bondage Basics 23

Bondage 101—Part 1: Bondage Basics

Photos of mine: Fatale Femmes Fotography Bondage Basics Most people have experienced basic bondage in one way or another.  Whether it is your lover simply holding down your wrists while having sex, using a blindfold, or tying you to the bed with silks, bondage is not as taboo as it...

Fashionistas 2


Fashionistas is a super-fantastic, epic length, fetish fucking extravaganza.  I have read the hype about Fashionistas for years: Winner of 11 AVN Awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Actress (Rocco Siffredi and Taylor St. Claire), Best Cinematography, and Best Music; and I’ve been coveting this film ever...

What Are Your Favorite Role Playing Scenes? 0

What Are Your Favorite Role Playing Scenes?

From my photo series “Bad Behavior” Kara Sutra talked about Roleplaying last week in her SexEd Videos here on PopMyCherryReview.  It made me start thinking of all the different role-playing scenarios I have created and my favorite scenes. In my article last week, Are You Kinky? I defined role playing...

Are You Kinky? 0

Are You Kinky?

Social Norms Are you kinky?  That question could be answered in any variety of ways depending on who you ask.  Kinky is as kinky does and your degree of kinkiness is defined by what you consider kinky.  What may be vanilla sex to some people—say anal sex—may be edge play...