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massage candle

Jimmyjanes Wink and Ember 0

Jimmyjanes Wink and Ember

Sensual play is one of my favorite forms of sex play.  It often entails removing one sense (such as wearing a blindfold), while heightening others, through touch and sometimes the sense of smell. Jimmyjane has the perfect combination of products, that when used together will heighten the senses, create an...

Little Ember Set by Jimmyjane 5

Little Ember Set by Jimmyjane

I’m a bit of a candle junkie, I’ll admit.  And, Jimmyjane makes some of the sexiest massage candles I have ever used.  A few months back I reviewed their Afterglow Candles [my review] and today I bring you their Little Ember Set. Jimmyjane’s Little Ember Set is a gorgeous package...