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intimate organics

The Best Natural Lubes 3

The Best Natural Lubes

Comparison Reviews of Natural Personal Lubricants Best! ***** Great **** Good *** Fair ** Poor * Yes! Water-based Lubricant ***** Yes! water-based intimate lubricant is a certified organic lube developed by women for women.  It was one of the first “natural” lubricants I ever reviewed and it still remains my...

Aromatherapy Foaming Bath by Intimate Organics 7

Aromatherapy Foaming Bath by Intimate Organics

Sex toys are rad and great to have, but some of my most favorite products are sensual ones that you can share with your lover.  Most people don’t think of bath and body products as sexy, but they are great for foreplay that can lead to other fun adventurers with...

Intimate Organics 7

Intimate Organics

I am always on the look-out for the perfect lubricant and have high standards when it comes to what products I will put inside of me.  I prefer to use water-based lubes over silicone-based ones, just because water-based products appeal to me more than synthetically derived ones.  Other than the...