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The Best Natural Lubes 3

The Best Natural Lubes

Comparison Reviews of Natural Personal Lubricants Best! ***** Great **** Good *** Fair ** Poor * Yes! Water-based Lubricant ***** Yes! water-based intimate lubricant is a certified organic lube developed by women for women.  It was one of the first “natural” lubricants I ever reviewed and it still remains my...

Good Clean Love Holiday Promos 0

Good Clean Love Holiday Promos

Good Clean Love is one of my favorite all-natural, organic personal lubricant brands.  I subscribe to their newsletter and they just announced some awesome specials for the Holidays, so I thought I would pass this alone to you.  Now is your chance to pick up some of their awesome products...

Good Clean Love- Perfect Products for a Perfect World! 13

Good Clean Love- Perfect Products for a Perfect World!

A few months back I had the opportunity to review Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked Personal Lubricant.  I fell in love with this product and for many reasons (all detailed below) and wanted to try their other products to see if they are just as good.  Well I have to...

Good Clean Love Lubricant 18

Good Clean Love Lubricant

Research studies believe that over 40% of women have at one time in their lives suffered from sexual dysfunction and the most common concern is vaginal dryness which is associated with arousal response and pain during sex.  Add to this the fact that the majority of personal lubricants on the...