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glass sex toy

Adam & Eve Glass Slipper Vibe 7X 0

Adam & Eve Glass Slipper Vibe 7X

If Cinderella had a Glass Slipper like this one, she never would have needed Prince Charming.  Just saying.  Poor old Cinderella.  Burnt again! The Adam & Eve Glass Slipper Vibe 7X is a vibrating glass dildo that features 7 modes of vibration. Contraire to what it says on the website...

Cotton Candy Glass Dildo 12

Cotton Candy Glass Dildo

The Cotton Candy Glass Dildo is made by Dreamtoys Glassworks-a Canadian company-makers of Pyrex glassware.  This means is it completely safe and durable, and it also comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.  It was housed in a nice storage box that is satin lined to keep your glass toy safe. ...