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Hysteria Film and the Invention of the Vibrator

Wow! I can’t wait to see the film “Hysteria“.  Not only does it look funny, but it explores one of my favorite topics: Hysteria and the invention of the vibrator. (See my articles:  Hysteria and the Magic Wand and a more in depth essay: Hysteria: The Wandering Uterus & A...

Air Doll video 0

Air Doll video

Reading my RSS feeds this morning and came across a link to Greta Christina’s review of the Japanese film “Air Doll” (Bae Du-na): “Adult Toy Story: Romance vs Reality in Air Doll” on Carnal Nation. I recently blogged about The Making of Real Dolls Video in which I talked briefly...

Eon Mckai’s Content 8

Eon Mckai’s Content

Content (2009) Studio: Vivid Alt Director: Eon McKai Cast: Kimberly Kane, Mr. Pete, Coco Velvet, Daniel, Madison Young, Dane Cross, Cali Nova, Ben Jammin, Kitty McMuffin, and Sherwood “A space that anticipates content…”  This, according to the DVD intro is Eon McKai’s vision for the film.  But, what exactly is...

Not a love story: a critique of anti-porn propaganda 3

Not a love story: a critique of anti-porn propaganda

  I first heard about Not a Love Story: a Film about Pornography (1981) a film by Bonnie Sherr Klein soon after its release, when my mother and her feminist group watched the film during one of their meetings.  My mother came back from the meeting angry: angry about pornography,...