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Black Studded Mary Janes with Handcuffs 0

Black Studded Mary Janes with Handcuffs

I admit it.  I’m a shoe-o-holic.  While I’m no Imelda Marcos with over 3000 pairs of shoes (how would you ever wear them all?), I am a fetish shoe fashionista.  Sexy, well-made chic shoes are often hard to find.  Adult stores often don’t carry shoes and if they do, they...

Gaga Over Lady Gaga 0

Gaga Over Lady Gaga

Seems that everyone is gaga over Lady Gaga, even Babba Wawa, who got the reclusive fame monster to talk about her “bisexuality” (or at least having sex with other women) recently.  But, what I really want to know it where does she shop for her antiquated, far-out, eccentric, avante-garde outfits?...