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Black Studded Mary Janes with Handcuffs

I admit it.  I’m a shoe-o-holic.  While I’m no Imelda Marcos with over 3000 pairs of shoes (how would you ever wear them all?), I am a fetish shoe fashionista.  Sexy, well-made chic shoes are often hard to find.  Adult stores often don’t carry shoes and if they do, they often have limited styles and sizes.  Shoe stores don’t often stock fetish or sexy stilettos.  So, I was very happy to find an adult store that not only has lots of amazing adult toys, but also a great selection of fetish shoes and sexy costumes to boot (sorry, if the shoe fits?). is the shop I am speaking of and they have it all.  I was actually kind of flabbergasted looking through their store as there are so many great products it was a difficult task looking through everything and deciding on a product for review.  Finally, I came across these gorgeous Black Studded Mary Jane Shoes with Removable Handcuffs.  Are they not to die for!

I love Mary Jane Shoes, but these are the hottest ones in my collection for sure.  They are made by Leg Avenue, a popular line of women’s fetish shoes and lingerie.  They are sturdy and well-made of black patent leather with studs, buckles, belts and even a pair of removable handcuffs strapped to the back of each shoe.  Shiny, shiny!  I absolutely adore them!  Inside, the shoes are lined with pink!  How sexy is that?!

My only complaint about these shoes is that they are made very narrow.  I normally take a size 8, which I ordered, but I had a very hard time fitting into these shoes.  I felt a bit like Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters and was tempted to cut off a toe or heel to fit them, but in the end was able to squeeze them on with my feet covered in baby powder.  Walking in shoes that are too small for you is not recommended.  Ouch!  So, I really couldn’t keep them on long enough to wear them out.  Boohoo!  If I had of gotten a size larger, the 9s, they would have fit fine, and I would not have to sacrifice a toe!

I would still recommend these shoes as they are so gorgeous.  They also came in a sexy pink shoe box to store them in.  These Black Studded Mary Jane Shoes with Removable Handcuffs come in sizes 6-10.  Just remember to buy one size larger if your feet are wide, or if you are on a ½ size.  They fit my Mom perfectly and she takes a 6 1/2 – 7. is an excellent adult shop where you will find oodles of great adult toys, sexy costumes and fetish shoes for all you fashionistas and Imelda Marcos wanna-bes.

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