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Onye Galerie Petite Vibrator Review

I love Big Teaze Toys.  They are the manufacturers of “I Rub My Ducky” and many other cute, pretty and innovative sex toys.  They are always coming up with fun new ideas, and don’t necessarily follow what other manufacturers are doing. Just this month BigTeazeToys came out with two new...

Dai-do 5 by Big Teaze Toys 1

Dai-do 5 by Big Teaze Toys

The Dai-dos are a new line of innovative, beautifully designed sex toys by Big Teaze Toys.  Big Teaze Toys are known for creating inventive and fun quality sex toys like their popular iconic Rub My Ducky vibrating massagers.  Their new line, the Dai-dos, are non-vibrating dildos (or instruments of enduring...