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Sex E Blog Digest #4

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Hero Image: The Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys

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Britney Spears’ bowel movements get more media attention than sex news so perhaps you missed this study which showed that adults were better able to enjoy sex after giving up their old religious belief system. The theme comes up in my new book, where I talk a bit about the historical impact of organized religions on common beliefs about sex and sexuality, and share some case studies that show how religious ideology damages individual sex lives.

People’s sex lives improve dramatically after leaving religion, researchers in the US have found.

“Atheists have far better sex lives than religious people who are plagued with guilt during intercourse and for weeks afterwards,” the Daily Mail reported.


  • Study: Long-Distance Commuters More Likely to Divorce

    This isn’t so much surprising as it is sad: A new Swedish study found that people whose commutes are 45 minutes or longer each way have a 40 percent higher risk of marital separation than others. Here’s why:

    [Study author] Erika Sandow shows that those who commute long distances gain access to a broader job market and often to greater career opportunities and better income development. But women and men benefit in different degrees, with income increasing more for long-distance commuting men. However, these commuters’ partners lose income, and since most long-distance commuters are men, this means that many women both take home less money and take on the responsibility for the family and children.

    Sounds…perfectly terrible. And the same goes for the women who commute into the city as well: Mr. Mom gets saddled with unpaid housework and few opportunities.

    Unfortunately, many people have no choice but to commute from more inexpensive areas to cities where there are more/better job opportunities, so the solution to this isn’t cut-and-dried. Nonetheless, it’s an important issue to monitor, considering the U.S.’s degree of suburban sprawl.

    [L.A. Weekly]

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  • Photocopied Breasts, Bottoms and More Make Art

    Because Vice will always have a piece of my heart…Happy Friday!!!


    To read and see more:

  • 2011 ‘Lammy’ Lambda Literary Awards announced, honoring LGBT books and authors

    The 23rd annual Lambda Literary Awards, better known as the Lammy Awards, were presented last night in NYC, honoring Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender themed works of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction in 24 different categories.Edward Albee,…

  • Can Hate Help You Get Over Love?

    I answered this question on Quora, and thought it was worthwhile posting the answer here, as well. Q: Is it easier to get over someone you cared for once by enthusiastically hating them? Actually, while hating is not ultimately a rewarding or useful emotion, in the short term it . . . Read more

  • View From The Top: Simply Irresistible

    ‘Nice guys finish last’ is a frequent phrase used by those who have bad luck when it comes to finding love. It’s a reassuring pat on the back to make someone feel better when they strike out, but is there any truth to this phrase?

    It turns out there just might be some data to support this! The Emotion and Self Lab at the University of British Columbia has been doing some research that might give some insight into this idea.

  • SlutWalk Toronto Co-Founder Resigns

    The SlutWalk Toronto event on April 3rd attracted thousands to the streets, generated interest globally, and has gone on to include dozens of similar events around the world. The shoulder-to-shoulder troops marched from Queen’s Park to Police Headquarters at 40 College Street to bring light to an officer’s comments labeling women and people most at risk of sexual assault as “sluts”.

  • Enjoy the Process, Damn It.

    I was seeing this guy for a month and a half, and we started having sex three weeks in. Sex sessions went on for an hour or more easily, and for whatever reason, the only time he ever came was the first time. Whether he was in control or I was in control, he just wouldn’t come. Although he didn’t give that as the reason, I think that might have influenced him to let our “thing” end, which leads me to this thought—

    Guys need to stop seeing sex as a means to an end and simply enjoy the process.

    read more

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys

From Hitachi Wands to Jack Rabbits, the world has provided us with a wide array of toys to choose from. But where does one start? This is a beginner’s guide to vibrators covering the different types, speeds, sizes, and price ranges among them.  Read more >

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