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Sex E Blog Digest #2

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  • JoannaAngel: Naked by the China Shipping Container

    I like it when Burning Angel do things a bit differently, it’s nice to see Joanna Angel in this black and white set taken in front of a shipping container. The set has a moody feel to it and Joanna Angel looks hot in her biker girl outfit. Joanna Angel poses like a pro in this set and I love the fact that her tights are always crotchless, in fact I don’t think I have ever seen Joanna Angel in tights with a crotch! She looks ace though and I would love to see Joanna Angel in more sets like this! (see above)…

    Joanna Angel writes:

    I shot with a new photographer named Jay Allen. He shot these awesome black and white photos of me, just out and about in downtown LA. It was an adventure! Here is a whole new style of photos you haven’t seen me in yet. I hope you like it!

  • 29 Year Old Virgin – Worried My Medical Devices will Scare Off Potential Lover

    I am a 29 year old virgin that had to have a total colectomy back in 2008, due to my large intestine not functioning and starting to tear. I was left with an ileostomy and now have to wear an ostomy appliance on my abdomen. A year later, I had my rectum and anus removed due to diversion colitis. I have adapted very well to everything, considering this was all emergency surgeries, except for one big thing…..Ever since that last surgery, I have had trouble with orgasms. I either orgasm too fast or can’t orgasm at all. Plus, the site where my anus used to be is uncomfortable. The scar is still stiff and its hard to penetrate my vagina with a larger dildo than a very narrow “beginner” style dildo.

    read more

  • Lady Gaga’s Dildo Shoes

    What I love most is that she wore them on American Idol.

    The $4,500 leather and Lucite platforms were made by British label Void
    of Course. The shoes are part of the label’s Impossibility of Love


  • I hate my big penis (22 May 2011)
    Charles Allen explains the problem of having a larger dick (22 May 2011)
  • An Interview with Nica Noelle
    Nica Noelle is a writer, producer and director of storyline-driven erotic films (22 May 2011)
  • Woman wins right to masturbate at work
    A Brazilian woman with hypersexuality has won a court case allowing her to watch porn at work and masturbate to relieve stress (22 May 2011)
  • Porn filter can identify the sound of sex
    Researchers in Korea are trying to identify porn videos from the noise they make (22 May 2011)
  • Why Love and Sex Drive Us Mad
    Liz Langley’s new book, Crazy Little Thing: Why Love and Sex Drive Us Mad, is out soon (22 May 2011)
  • Photo
  • NSFW Sunday Gets Pinned Up
    This week on NSFW Sunday we’re looking at past and present pin-up girls (and a gallery!) and reminding you about doing you.
  • CrazyBabe: PaleSaent loses her inhibitions

    PaleSaent looks almost nervous in some of the pics from this update on CrazyBabe Perhaps a sweet, shy girl is hiding behind her tough girl exterior of black combat boots and tattoos. But PaleSaent‘s true personality remains her secret. Bob Coulter must have worked his magic because she soon warms up and slowly lifts up her white slip to reveal her perfectly shaved puffy pussy.

    PaleSaent loses all her inhibitions after a few drinks and gets completely naked, except for those combat boots. I have a boot fetish so keeping her boots on in the bed makes the photo set even hotter for me!

    If boots aren’t your thing, then PaleSaent‘s permanently hard nipples and her perky boobs will definitely turn you on. Her slender spread legs are spread so wide in these teaser photos. So I can just imagine how hot the rest of the photos are. Sometimes those shy girls surprise you the most when they get comfortable and reveal a kinky side that you never expected!

    Here is a bonus free gallery of this spooky hot CrazyBabe PaleSaent update series.

    CrazyBabe writes:

    CrazyBabe: PaleSaent
    Shot at a Flop House in Queens
    493 pics of PaleSaent in this feature
    These pics are ONLY on

  • Sexing The Transman-Workshop/Doc

    So I have been working on the documentary about transmen and sexuality for over a year now. I used some of the footage for a workshop I did in Philly called Sexing The Transman and it went over very well. So I decided to add it to my workshops. I made this trailer so people who want to book me can see.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    If you are interested in booking me please go to

  • sylvia-tom: I like the lock…


    I like the lock…

  • Demonizing Male Sexuality

    Clarisse Thorn argues that we demonize men who are honest about their sexual needs:

    “The pressure put on men to be initiators, but to avoid seeming creepy or aggressive, leads to an unpleasant double bind. After all, the same gross cultural pressures that make women into objects force men into instigators. (How many women do you know who proposed to their husbands?)

    So how can a man express his sexual needs without being tarred as a creep? After all, the point of promoting sex-positive attitudes is for everyone to be able to be open about their needs and desires, right?”

    read more

  • What Color Are Your Panties, Ashlee Simpson? [Upskirt]

    Just kidding, we can see they’re a fairly innocent white. You made quite a show of trying to get out of your car without flashing us your undies, but we’re not totally convinced your heart was in it. More »

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