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Places to Visit in Costa Rica if you are Looking to Have Sex

As an avid traveler who loves to visit a new place, I like to have a swell time whenever I touch down in a city for the first time. Last year, I had the privilege of visiting some cities in Central America, and one of them was Costa Rica. The journey from Spain was a bit bumpy, but all that ended as I arrived at the Juan Santamaria International Airport. A warm Caribbean weather greeted me as I tried to find my way to the hotel with my pals Eddie and Hugo, and I knew immediately we were up for a great time.

I would like to say here that two things excite me about a visit to a new city, the food, and the women. I had only visited Brazil and Argentina before my trip to Costa Rica but was amazed by the beautiful female faces on the streets and balcony window. It was as if all the young women were models, and even the older ones could easily pass for a MILF, and I mean no disrespect to your mum.

So, after settling in and getting a phone, my buddies and I set out to explore all the opportunities in front of us, and as you might be wondering, yes, we were already fishing to get laid. The first point of call was the Manzallino Beach in the Southern Caribbean Coast, and you can read about our experience below. But just in case you are planning a trip, you check the link below to learn more about Costa Rica.

Manzallino Beach

As someone with a knack for turquoise water and white sandy beaches, it wasn’t hard for me to feel at home, plus it wasn’t far from the hotel also. There are many beaches in the area, but if you are a stranger looking to have sex in Costa Rica, then you may want to check out the Barra Navidad. You could find a lot of tourists in the area looking to have a nice time, plus have a sneak peek of all the half-naked Caribbean women running around carefree. You might be lucky and meet someone who is as horny as you are, and not have to spend on a sex worker throughout your stay.

San Jose Central Market

It wasn’t too long before we found ourselves roaming around the San Jose central market, and it was not because we were mostly looking to buy any art and craft. One thing about Costa Rican girls is they are talented and educated and are respectful of tourists. But this is not to say you can easily have your way with them. They want to show you a good time, but you have to make it worth their while. You will have to avoid the ones who are in a serious relationship; a majority of them are family-oriented and not ready to throw it all away for a fling with a stranger.

Ticas, as they are commonly referred to, are quite flirty, but it is not a sign that they are willing to jump into your bed. Except you are working with a sex worker, you will have to woo a lady if you intend to have sex in Costa Rica. It is not like in the US or Europe where you could have a no string attached sex with a stranger you meet at a party, the women are a little more security conscious and will be more relaxed among her peers. So, you may want to integrate with the males or better yet ask your guide to help you out if you are shy to talk to a woman. You can check here for some of the best tricks to meet women on your travels.


There are many malls and restaurants in San Jose where you can have a pleasant time with your date or hang around and hope to spark an interesting conversation with a stranger. You should know that most of the women are there with their partners or male friends, but if you are not shy, you can find women in groups you and your friends could entice with a steaming conversation.

While you are there, you may also want to check out their food as the women are not the only thing worth tasting. The Le Monastere and Restaurante Silvestre are great for international cuisine, and you can also find others that offer a different range of cooking and dishes you can try out.

Try a Sex Worker

You could also solicit the services of a sex worker if you are looking to have sex in Costa Rica. Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, so you are well within your right to visit the brothels. Beware of underage sex workers however… Make sure to check their ID and age before paying for any services.

There is no middleman or pimp involved, and many of the sex workers have their clients whom you will have to pay before you can begin anything. I will suggest you check out bars, massage parlors, and hotels that are popular around town for their prostitutes, so you may want to start from there. You should also know that while the government arranges for a monthly test for their sex workers, you should act wisely and use protection with a prostitute in Costa Rica.

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