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Peaches-The Kinda Girl You Wanna Get With

I’m a big fan of Peaches, a rockin’ electro punk bitch from Toronto, Canada whose lyrics often blur the lines between gender roles and identity and “whose songs are notable for their riotous use of sexual imagery” with albums like “Fatherfucker” and songs like “Fuck Away the Pain.”  Peaches is a sex radical and a “a renegade force for sexual emancipation [on a mission] to reverse the gender roles of sexual submission.”  She has appeared on the L-word, collaberated with Iggy Pop & Garbage, toured with Marilyn Manson and performs onstage with large inflatable pink cocks.

I wanted to dedicate a post to her for all those who haven’t tuned in and turned on to her yet, as well as all the girls that like to “shake their dix” and the “boys who want to be her,” and most of all to those who “don’t give a fuck.”

Watch Her Video of one of my Favs: “I’m the Kinda”

Her last album was called “Impeach my Bush” (2006) which features appearances by Joan Jett & Feist. The website is pretty cool with interactive games and you can listen to her songs.  Try Hitting Bush on the Head With a Hammer and Compose Your Own Porno (fun!)  by clicking on the fish at the top of the screen.

Peaches’ Website Peaches Rocks.

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