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Naughty Nurse

naughty nurse

I have a medical play, naughty nurse fetish.  I have a pretty good medical play room now complete with a doctor’s examination table.  But, I didn’t have any naughty nurse outfits until just recently.  The Naughty Nurse continues to be one of the most popular adult costumes year after year.  Maybe I’m not the only one with a medical fetish?

I now have two naught nurse outfits and both are very sexy and fit well, unlike other fantasy lingerie I have purchased, because they are both made of spandex.  These costumes play to various parts of my personality or moods: Good nurse, Bad nurse!

Good Nurse

bedroom nurse

The Bedroom Nurse Costume by Dreamgirl is the classic white nurse made out of stretch spandex nylon in a satin finish.  It is a halter variety with a choker collar, and very low cut to show off your cleavage.  It features a Red Cross just under the breast-line and is trimmed with red satin at the hem.  This costume is pretty sexy for a Halloween party, but I have seen people wear much less.  It also comes with a cute little white nurse cap that simply ties in place.  Pair this up with white stockings with back seams, a pair of white Mary Jane shoes and a stethoscope and you are ready to start examining your patients.  Add to that a couple rolls of Bondage Fantasy Wrap to bind your patient with and you will have your patient right where you want them!

Comes in One Size Fits Most (2-14) and Queen (16-20).

Buy the Bedroom Nurse Costume from

Bad Nurse

night nurse

If you are not into white, but still want to play Naughty Nurse, then maybe the Night Nurse costume by Coquette is for you. This nurse outfit is a short dress in black with a zip-up front, trimmed with red, including a red cross over the heart.  It has little front pockets and a cute nurse cap.  It also comes with a super sexy bikini top with criss-crossed red crosses and crotch-less briefs, so when you unzip the dress you can really give your patient a thrill!  Get some black fishnets, black Mary Jane’s and a stethoscope and you’re all set.  Add to that a nasty Wartenberg Pinwheel, pair of forceps and black latex gloves and your patient will soon learn whose boss.

Comes in S/M and M/L.

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