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“Lesbian Lust” Book Review

Lesbian Lust

“Lesbian Lust” is a short lesbian erotica book published by Cleis Press and edited by Sacchi Green. The book includes 18 different stories in 205 pages. The formatting resembles most Cleis Press books, and the text is large enough for most people to read. Because of the obvious title and cover, you’ll probably only want to read this out in public if you can hide the cover from view. If you can, the book is pretty suitable for public reading.

As you could guess, the entire book is focused around lesbians. All of the stories include lesbians couples, but the stories do vary upon how “together” the couples are. In some stories, the couples have been dating awhile and in others, they just met. The stories all focus around the idea of having a lot of lust for a partner, so in quite a few of the stories, there’s a lot of description of how one person wants the other person before the sex actually begins. This works as a great “lead in” to the story itself, and Sacchi did a great job of picking stories that really showed the lust of the two people in the story. Sometimes the lust was passionate, and other times, the lust was more romantic and loving. It’s a really great mixture.

The book is a good collection. I haven’t read any of the stories elsewhere in other collections, and all of the stories are definitely hot. I don’t feel like the plots are too unique as all of the story’s plots are very modern and focus on things that could really happen, but at the same time, they’re all well-written and include some hot sex. The book focuses more on the sex scenes than the plots, but each story still has a good plot that goes with it.

I love the lust aspect of the erotica stories. Each story really has that general, undercurrent of desperation and desire that is really hot. It feels like the meeting and attraction of that first touch with a new person all over again. The authors did a great job of writing about it, and Sacchi picked out stories that reallly exemplified the feelings as well. There were a couple stories in this anthology that I wasn’t really fond of, but for the most part, all of the stories were pretty hot. All of the stories were modern-themed which did limit the uniqueness of the plots of each story, but each one was still good and sexy.

“Never Too Old” by DeJay was a memorable story. It is about a femme/butch couple who goes shopping for their first sex toys. The femme calls in the order, and after much reluctance and complaining (that I could see actually happening with a real couple), the butch of the couple goes in to try on the items. There isn’t too much sex to this story, but I feel like it was really heart-warming and pleasant to read.

In “Not Afraid to Get Her Hands Dirty” by Teresa Noelle Roberts, a girl’s roommate brings a sexy girl home and starts to date her. The girl finds a huge attraction to his new girlfriend, and of course, in the end, it turns out that the girlfriend happily swings both ways which leads to a sexy scene with a lot of hot lead-in with the flirting and desire.

In “The Office Grind” by R. G. Emanuelle, a woman goes out on her lunch break for a hard day at work, and she ends up finding a hot sexy woman and takes her back to her office. Uh oh! The office meeting gets rescheduled to happen in her office, and she finds herself attending a meeting with a fun “surprise” under her desk. This one just has a hot plot and includes a lot of sexy fun too.

Overall, as you can see, there are some pretty sexy stories included in “Lesbian Lust”. The stories really focus on the idea of passionate lust for another person, and all of the stories include lesbian pairings. There’s quite a bit of mention of sex toys, but there’s a lot of non-sex-toy fun as well. Overall, the book isn’t too unique in plots, but it definitely has a lot of unique and arousing sex scenes that are great to read. You can purchase Lesbian Lust from Cleis Press.

The Erotic Reading Review is a regular column written by Kayla. This column brings you reviews over erotica, instructional, and other types of sex-related books.

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  1. malasha says:

    i enjoyed reading it as i am a Les too. i love reading Lesbian love & sex stories.

  1. January 13, 2013

    […] ran across a review by Mistress Kay on Pop My Cherry of Sacchi Green’s Lesbian Lust, one of the anthologies I was published in last […]

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