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“Lesbian Cops” Erotic Book Review

"Lesbian Cops" Erotic Book

Lesbian Cops” is a erotic anthology book based around the idea of female police officers who are attracted to other women. This book is published by Cleis Press and edited by Sacchi Green. The book includes 221 pages and sixteen different stories. The book has the same layout as all Cleis Press books, and it should be no problem for the average person to read.

The entire premise of the story lies behind the idea of cops who are attracted to women. Sometimes, the women doesn’t seem to quite identify as lesbian, but they are just attracted to women. I was a bit worried that all of the stories would just be about a lesbian cop who is attracted to the criminals she picks up, but I am pleasantly surprised, and I’m happy to admit that I was completely wrong. The book was ALL over the place in terms of storyline, and the only constant is the fact that a lesbian police officer was always involved.

I really loved the variety. In some stories, the lesbian cop was the main character while in others they were a secondary character. In some stories, the cop was attracted to a criminal or someone they had to take to jail, and in another, it was a lesbian cop doing a sting operation to catch prostitution. In some other stories, it was focused around the wife of a lesbian cop, and with those stories, sometimes the plot line was pretty emotional. In other stories, it was two lesbian cops who happened to meet on the force, and there’s lots of other plotlines too. I really loved how I never knew what to expect – except hot sex out of the story.

As you can guess, all of the stories and the sex take place between two women – one of which is a lesbian cop. The stories are all relatively heavy on story as most of the stories like to explain what the cop is doing. However, the stories still include quite a bit of hot sex, so don’t expect that. I did like the large amount of character development that each story put into it. I feel like some of the stories really did a great job of making the erotica a piece of real literature with plotlines into the headset of the cop’s wife. Some of them could definitely be emotional as well as hot which was an interesting mixture.

Sacchi Green did a great job of selecting a great variety of stories for this book. All of them include good plots, good grammar, and hot sex. Each one is different enough from the last that you never feel like you are re-reading the same plot. I didn’t find any of the stories a turn-off, and while most of the stories were relatively toy-free, the story still was all varied enough (and in varying levels of places and danger) that I didn’t feel like the sex was repetitive. Some of the stories were more moderate than arousing, but I didn’t find myself disliking any of the stories. There were definitely some gems in the book though:

“Cop at My Door” by R. G. Emanuelle is a story about a woman with a crazy neighbor. Everytime her crazy neighbor calls the cops, this beautiful lesbian cop keeps coming to her door. Soon, the lesbian cop just seems to start visiting. Each time the cop leaves, the woman beats herself up about not approaching her, and of course, this one ends with a sexy finish.

In “Torn Off a Strip” by Elizabeth Coldwell, a lesbian cop comes to a rowdy frat boy residence with her partner with a half-dressed dancer handcuffed to their front porch. The boys say she tried to get away with their wallets, and while her partner deals with the noisy frat boys, the lesbian cop finds herself irresistably attracted to the woman in the middle of a public residence area. This story is very sexy, and I love the danger attached to it.

In “Undercover” by Ily Goyanes, a lesbian rookie cop is stuck undercover to try and sting those who are picking up prostitutes. She finds herself leaning into a car with a gorgeous woman who wants her services. What a conflict of interest. I wonder which way this woman will go?

Overall, I liked “Lesbian Cops”. It sincerely is a really good book of erotica, and I love how the theme is so different than some of the other book themes out there. It really is a unique collection of stories, and whether you want to read about a woman in a uniform, a woman in charge, or just read about how lesbian cops can have it different in the police force, this is the book to check out. Thanks to Cleis Press for providing a copy of “Lesbian Cops” for review.

The Erotic Reading Review is a regular column written by Kayla. This column brings you reviews over erotica, instructional, and other types of sex-related books.

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