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Kissing Cousins

When I was fifteen I had sex with my cousin. To be fair, he was my second or third cousin (or something like that) and although we shared the same last name we didn’t know each other as kids. I think the first time I met him, I was ten years old. The house we lived at the time only had two bedrooms. My mother took one and my brother took the other. It didn’t bother me, because although I didn’t have a separate entrance to my bedroom, which happened to be the wide open space at the top of the stairs, the space was in fact rather large and I wasn’t at an age where I required that much privacy. My brother was fifteen at the time and he had become friends with our cousin (let’s call him James). 

James had slept over at our house, a fact that I was unaware of, so when I woke up that morning feeling a tad randy I assumed that it was a morning like any other and that everyone was still asleep, which is to say I quietly masturbated in my pseudo-hallway-bedroom. When I was done, I got up to go to the bathroom and I noticed that my brother’s bedroom door was ajar and that a guy who I didn’t know was lying on the floor wide awake and could clearly see me through the crack in the door. Immediately I wondered if he had seen me get off. Hoping he hadn’t, I tried not to think about it and pretended that I wasn’t dying of mortification on the inside. That was the first time I met James and our paths would only cross again five years later. 

One of the main reason why he might have decided to steer clear of our family from that point on is that he robbed my father’s house. One day, my brother had shown James my Dad’s antique gun collection and apparently that prompted James to make his way to our house when no one was home, break a window and make off with the merchandise. The idiot had done this in broad daylight and our neighbor had seen him do the deed and recognized him. That was the last I heard of him until I was fifteen. 

I hung out with a slightly older crowd in high-school and being rather precocious for my age, I was already going out to bars at the tender age of fifteen. They didn’t always let me in mind you,  but this was a small ass town and put a short skirt on any pretty fifteen year old and you don’t always need ID. So there I was, the summer after grade nine, hanging out at the only club in the entire city, when I spotted and immediately recognized the face I had seen through the crack of a door one morning after getting myself off. 

I joined the group of girls who were outside smoking and talking to James. He had no idea who I was and I didn’t exactly introduce myself. I did, however, grab his attention when I asked if he had enjoyed robbing us. The conversation stopped mid-stream, he looked up at me and asked “who the hell are you?” I shot him my sideways smile, a smile I had developed in front of the mirror the year before believing that it was sexy, and told him I was his little cousin. He took me in, looking me up and down and wondered what had happened to the little blonde kid he had seen that one day. 

I’d grown up into one hell of a flirt is what happened. Something he would discover over the course of the night. At closing time, I wrangled a few people to go for a midnight swim at our local high school and invited him to join. A proposal he was quite happy to accept. On our way to the pool, we crossed a bridge designed for pedestrians and don’t ask me what lead to this, but James who was walking behind me took it upon himself to raise my skirt and uncovered my ass. According to him, I was wearing granny panties, but let me tell you all that to my unexperienced mind they were in fact my nicest pair.

One jumped fence later, we were all in the pool. I may have been somewhat of a tease at that age, but I was also shy and kept my dress on to jump in the pool. My two best friend who had come along for the ride disrobed to their underwear and t-shirts and James stripped all the way down. I think that was the first time I had seen a man standing in front of me completely and unabashedly nude. The night was going well. 

After our quick jaunt in the pool, we made our way to my house. My mother worked nights at the time and my house was the place to go when you didn’t want the night to end. I slipped out of my wet dress and put on a oversized white men’s shirt and nothing else. Except, that is, for the same pair of blue panties I had started the night in. Somehow, James and I ended up alone in my Mother’s room. The tension was high. I felt great. Innuendoes were flying all over the place and being the fearless kid that I was, I jumped in head first and rolled over to straddle him on the bed. 

I think he got the point, because the next thing he did was rip off my underwear with his teeth. To this day, I am still amazed that he was able to do that so efficiently and swiftly. They literally ripped off my body in one quick motion and the next thing I knew my underwear where lying on the floor and I was about to have sex with my cousin. I was impressed. I kept the torn remains for a long time after that. Throwing them away only when the spell wore off years later. The night was by no means perfect, I was rather new at all of this even though I put off an air of “I know what I’m doing”. Still, there are  some things you can’t bluff your way through and quiet frankly I had no idea what I was doing. He found the way I moved when I was underneath him awkward and much preferred the way I moved on top. I told him my age and level of experience (which was rather close to zero) and he said I would learn. The comment could be seen as condescending, but it really wasn’t hurtful. It made me smile and if anything he thought me a thing or two. 

It’s strange the details that you remember. We didn’t go to bed until the sun came up or rather until my Mom was due home, and we continued to play with one another while maintaining a rather tantalizing conversation. For some reason we were on to the topic of music and one of us mentioned Nine Inch Nails at which point, while still straddling him I might add, I whispered the first verse of Reptile in his ear: 

She spreads herself wide open to let the insects in
She leaves a trail of honey to show you where she’s been
She has the blood of reptile just underneath her skin
Seeds of a thousand others drip down from within

Corny or hot? Up to you to decide. No matter, it was definitely a defining experience in my sexual evolution and no one can take that away. 

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13 Responses

  1. Domina Doll says:

    I had a “Kissing cousin” in my teens. Although we never had sex or even kissed, the sexual tension was thick and he was always making innuendos to me. I tried to go out partying with him and his friends one night when I was 15 after a family Xmas party, but his father and my mother put a stop to that. Years later he showed up drunk on my doorstep at 3am, professing his love for me. Very weird, although, being drunk he was probably just trying to get in my pants. I had to actually go up and sleep in my Mom’s room with her as he kept trying to crawl in bed with me. I was surprised he didn’t try Mom’s bed too.

    BTW- I don’t think those lines are corny. Definitely hot. First sexual experiences are often so awkward, yet also magical.

    • Thanks. I appreciate the comment and I also like hearing your tale of sexual tension.

      It’s weird writing here once every week, I keep asking myself if anybody actual reads this or if I’m just shooting blanks into the void.

      Getting a comment helps. ; )

  2. Nio says:

    Whoa! I love how honest you are with your writing. Great story!

  3. letseatcake says:

    That’s one of my dirty sex stories. . .I had sex with my first cousin’s girlfriend, while he was in the bed with us. We didn’t touch each other, but I know he would have if I’d let him.

    What a bizarre thought. We grew up together and everything, and I considered him one of my best childhood friends. Something like sex never entered the picture until we somehow ended up sleeping with the same girl.

    Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  4. g.r. says:

    VD Confession–THE UPPER ROOM

    It was one of those old victorian houses in the
    > country that gothic fairy tales take place where our
    > lives changed forever.
    > We were to sleep in the upper room in one very old
    > but special bed.
    > We both were fourteen but we knew we were
    > older.since lately. eventhough we’ve always told
    > everything..lately we were quiet about secret
    > things. It was a cool autumn night so we got under
    > the cool sheet & quilt in our tee shirts and
    > panties. My heart was beating faster and my
    > breathing was a little funny..I don’t know why. I
    > guess ’cause we were faraway up in that upper room
    > where no one could come.
    > The moonlight fell across us and she looked
    > different; beautiful and mysterious. I wondered if I
    > looked different. I could hear her breathing just
    > under the hishing of the trees outside in the wind.
    > “This is great” I whispered. Her voice was a little
    > shaky as she exhaled,”yeah” and sat up. I couldn’t
    > help it..I stared at her nipples. she couldn’t see
    > me so I moved to touch myself under the sheet. We
    > were too quiet and I dared “do you masterbate?”
    > “No” she whispered, again in that strange voice. Her
    > neck was lovely.
    > “I love your neck” I didn’t know where that came
    > from..but I was getting wet down there. I kept it
    > up. I told her just what I was doing to myself. how
    > I liked to touch myself in the middle-of-the-night
    > when I woke up. how it made me feel and what I was
    > thinking of when I did.
    > I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.
    > I was breathing heavy. We were quiet. Later, she
    > leaned back.I watched her put her fingers on her
    > panties and I got dizzy and fell off in the
    > darkness.
    > In the morning, dusty sunbeams fell on her. She was
    > on her knees..down close to the bed on her front.
    > She was fingering herself madly, eyes closed.
    > I pretended I was asleep quiet as I could eventhough
    > she might hear my heart pounding. I held my breath.
    > and when I knew she was about to come
    > I leaned over pulling her panties aside
    > and put my tongue into her smooth warm bum.

  5. Sarahbear says:

    My mom married my step-dad when I was about fourteen and shortly before that I had met my step-cousin. He had blond curly hair and blue eyes. This was around the time N’Sync became popular and I thought Justin Timberlake was hot shit. We would flirt a bit here and there, but never anything too serious until about two years later. He kept telling his friends that he wanted me, and they would all say the same things ‘Ew man, she’s your cousin.’

    But we were only step-cousins and we hadn’t known each other all our lives.

    It was summer in south Georgia. It was so hot outside. Our parents lived beside each other and they weren’t home. I went over to his house to see him and climbed up on the brick fire pit in my jean shorts that barely covered my butt. He circled me, rambling on and smoking a cigarette, finally coming up behind me and sliding his hand up the inside of my thigh. I wanted him so badly. Both of our younger siblings kept interrupting us every time we’d start to kiss or touch each other. We didn’t want them to run tell our parents. He whispered in my ear that he’d sneak over to see me later that night, after everyone had gone to bed and then I went home to eat dinner.

    Later that night there was a knock on the screen door. My parents still weren’t home, but my brother was. I had hoped he’d go to bed early but he didn’t and he was being so nosy about why our cousin was over so late. He lied and said he had to get something for his dad and my brother went back to bed. We sneaked into my bedroom and he started kissing me. I was so nervous and so turned on. He slipped his hands up the insides of my thighs and up to unbutton my shorts, slipping them off and throwing them on the floor. Next he started kissing my thighs. Nipping and licking his way up, rubbing me through my panties. I had never had a boy be so attentive or instigate so much foreplay before. He had always bragged about how good he was at going down on girls and I was more than ready for him to show me. The anticipation of it being caught by our parents or my brother made everything so hot. I ran my fingers through his curly hair as I tried to act like I knew what I was doing. I tried to slow my heart rate, to take shallow breaths, to stop my legs from trembling. I couldn’t tell if he was as nervous as I was.

    Just as things were starting to really get good there was a knock on my bedroom door. I grabbed my blanket and went to go answer it. It was my brother, being nosy again. I kept the door pulled closed so he couldn’t see our cousin sitting on the bed. I was so anxious to get back to the bed. I wanted him to lick my pussy so badly. I closed the door and he was putting his shirt back on.

    What the fuck?!

    His dad was pulling into their driveway and he had to run home before he was caught. He promised he would sneak back over to finish what we started. He didn’t return that night, and I went back to my grandmother’s house when school started back. By the time we saw each other again the sexual tension had dissipated and we were involved in serious relationships. To this day I still wonder what would have happened.
    .-= Sarahbear´s last blog ..Review: Tenga Flip Hole =-.

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