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Interview with Courtney Trouble via Autostaddle

I found a great interview with Courtney Trouble via Autostraddle.  Author, gabrielle had never heard of Courtney Trouble or her many queer projects including, QueerPornTV, and her many films (she should be reading Pop My Cherry Review!), until a few weeks ago.  Better late than never, and gabrielle was quite impressed, after searching for good porn but coming up cold, and “one step away from giving up porn all together.” Yikes!

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“AS: In what ways do you envision “queer porn,” changing the world?

CT: People are getting bored of the cookie-cutter, formulaic pornography you can find for free on the internet – it’s practically all the same, and what it lacks, queer porn has in abundance. More and more porn consumers are looking for chemistry-driven, creative, explicit, and authentic content, and the more queer porn is released into the world, the more popular it will become. With that popularity and attention, people will see queers in a positive light and perhaps society will learn through watching our porn that we are not freaks, deviants, or second class citizens, in and out of the bedroom. Queer Porn has the power to challenge the audience to find new ways to be sexy, and that feeling will rub off (we’re in it for the puns, folks!) on your daily life if you watch enough of it.”

Thankfully there are queer directors/producers like Courtney Trouble making great queer porn for those of us who are tired of the same old het stuff, or faux- lesbian porn that mainstream porn puts out.

Thanks to Autostraddle for searching the internets to find us all the real lesbian/dyke eye candy and news each week in their NSFW Sunday editions, and other sex columns! If you haven’t checked them out yet, get on over there, cause you are missing out!

Oh, ya, and my 2009 Interview with Courtney Trouble is still available via  She’s come a long way since then…

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