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‘In the Bedroom with Dr. Berman’: Oprah’s fav sex therapist gets her own show

Oprah’s fav sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman, gets her own show on the new Oprah WInfrey Network : In the Bedroom with Dr. Berman.

Each week, Berman will enter the homes (and bedrooms) of couples in need of sex therapy advice for 3 day sessions to offer “the tips and tricks you and your partner need to uncover what’s really going on between the sheets.”

The first episode features a couple who have lost their passion.  Becky tells Berman how she uses a laundry basket to self-stimulate (yes, really!), so it is a good thing Dr. Berman has shown up.  Berman then talks about how many people use household items as masturbation devices, instead of purchasing sex toys.  She says many people are uncomfortable with the stigma of buying sex toys, which is indeed a shame.

I know my first sex toy was a long tapered candle, but that was way before sex toys became available to purchase from sex-positive shops and stores online.  Now-a-days one would think as an adult, you would be more sexually savvy.  But it appears sex education for adults even in the US is still lacking…

You can check out In the Bedroom with Dr. Berman each week on the Oprah WInfrey Network.

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