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ID Pleasure Lube

In my exploration of sexual pleasure and heightened sensitivity, I have been testing pleasure-enhancing lubricants, creams and gels. I get many customers who ask me if these products work and how, so I’ve decided to play guinea pig, scientifically speaking. With each of these products, I research the ingredients so I am educated about what I am putting on my genitals. Many chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products can leach in through the skin into the blood stream and can be toxic. For this reason, be careful what you use and be informed.

ID Pleasure

ID Pleasure is a lubricant plus sensation enhancer. It contains menthol which triggers a cooling sensation to the skin, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract which has a stimulating effect and improves circulation, and red clover which has healing abilities. Some reviews I read said it contained L-Arginine, which enhances circulation and blood flow by opening up the blood vessels similar to what Viagra does. However, L-Arginine was not listed as an ingredient on my bottle. It does, however, contain other chemical ingredients (parabens) which may be irritants to some people and possibly carcinogenic. However, I want to stress that parabens are a component in most cosmetics and little research has been done on them, so I don’t want to alarm people unnecessarily. That said, I did feel it was safe enough to use on myself, after all I do use moisturizers, sunscreens and many other cosmetic products.

So, how does it feel? The label reads, “Feel the Zing!”, so I was anticipating a tingling sensation before I applied it. On my first trial I placed some on the inside of my wrist and noticed a heightened sensitivity there. I next put some on my nipples and noted a cooling sensation and well as puckering of the tissue. Satisfied that it wouldn’t burn I then placed it on my clitoris and vulva. The texture is similar to ID glide, a water-based lube also made by ID. It is thin and very slippery, but gets thicker as it dries with prolonged use. I noticed a cooling sensation on my vulva and a slight increase of sensitivity, but definitely no “zing!” I masturbated with my Pocket Rocket and came quickly, with multiple tremors. With most sensation gels, they are designed to be used over a period of a few days, to increase blood flow to the genital region and heighten sensitivity. I used this lube three days in a row to see if the sensations would increase, which they did. The second day I use it again with my pocket rocket and experienced a more powerful orgasm with longer quaking tremors. The cooling sensation was also more obvious. The third day I used it with clitoral stimulation and partner penetration, achieving fierce orgasms.

ID Pleasure has a slightly sweet/spicy odor and flavor. It cools and tingles the tongue and lips when used orally. It is water-based, latex compatible and did not irritate me. It lasted fairly long for a water-based lube. I would love to hear from other people who have tried it to get their reactions. I’m wondering if it is beneficial to people who are sensation-challenged.

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