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Help Kara Sutra Make Her Sex Ed DVDs

My friend, sex educator Kara Sutra has started a project to create her own sex education DVDs for youth: Sex Ed 102 with Kara Sutra DVD Set.  You probably know Kara Sutra from her 100s of Sex Ed Videos & Sex Toys Reviews on YouTube.  She is also an occasional contributor here at

Well, she is currently looking for help to fund her project so she make sex educational available to teens and their parents, after YouTube took down a whole bunch of her videos due to “inappropriate content”.  Donations can be as little as $5 and will also get you a percentage off the DVD Set as well as lots of other goodies depending on what you donate.

So, if you feel inclined to help out Kara Sutra and help fund Sex Education for teens, please consider donating.  To find out more go to the Project page here.

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