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“Going Down” Erotic Reading Book Review

Going DownGoing Down“, a new release from Cleis Press touting sexy stories about oral sex, is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. 206 pages long, this book of erotic stories includes 21 different stories. As the front cover does include a picture of a woman looking orgasmic, it may not be the most discreet to read in public unless you can cover the front cover of the book.

As you could probably guess by the title, “Going Down” is all about the oral sex. Whether the recipient is male or female, the focus of the story is about the oral. Sometimes other types of foreplay or sex get involved (such as intercourse), but for many of the stories, oral sex is the only sexual action that may occur between the characters. The book includes a good variety of situations as well, and there are two-somes, more-somes, heterosexual couples (mostly), and a couple homosexual stories as well. It’s a good mixture.

I was actually very impressed with “Going Down”. There have been a couple other oral-sex-focused erotica collections released, and I really ended up disliking them. I felt like, since I knew that oral sex was on the menu, the stories were always kinda bland and boring to get to the oral sex part. I didn’t feel like there was much excitement in the last set of oral sex erotica books I read. However, “Going Down” goes past that. The scenarios and situations are unique, and sometimes, it seems almost a bit ODD that they go to oral sex instead of another form of sexual activity. The fact that it’s a continual surprise about how the characters get there, and the scenarios that they’re performing it in, keep the oral sex focus from being too tiresome while reading.

There were quite a few gems in this collection. While all of the stories were not the most amazing stories I’ve read, all of them were above-average, adn there were a few that I’d re-read in an instant. I really love the fact that some of the stories have “unique” plots such as one plot where the woman is shopping for lipstick because her partner gets off on having lipstick stains on him during oral sex; it’s things like that that really make the book stand out. It isn’t just a book of stories about run-of-the-mill oral sex, and I really like that about the book.

A couple of my favorite stories included:
“Pretty Dull” by Charlotte Stein: I thought this had been an excellent story to start off the book. In it, two married couples are friends, so one of the females is so confused when, while she’s in the pantry, her friend’s husband goes up her dress and places his face between her legs. The entire story continues in this odd, “I’m confused, but I like it” way, and it’s really intriguing while still being hot.

“Etiquette” by Sylvia Lowry: An expert on etiquette books, the main female character meets up with another guy – and decides to teach him what proper oral-sex etiquette would be.

“Sucking Casey’s Cock” by Shanna Germain (I love her stories regularly!): When a lesbian woman’s partner will be making a sex change soon, she wants to make sure she can please her new lover’s anatomy. With her male best friend nearby, she asks him if he’ll teach her how to make sure it feels good for her partner.

“Bubble Dance” by Jeremy Edwards: On an interesting twist on a traditional oral sex story, the main female character in this story MUST be chewing gum while having sex, and it turns into a great plot point.

If you enjoy oral sex or just enjoy interesting, sexual plots, “Going Down” definitely does provide. This is easily, by-far, my favorite oral-sex-themed erotica book. The stories are unique, hot, and just plain enjoyable to read. Thanks to Cleis Press for providing “Going Down” for review.

The Erotic Reading Review is a regular column written by Kayla. This column brings you reviews over erotica, instructional, and other types of sex-related books.

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