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Extase Liberte Rechargeable Massager Review

 This image is actual size for this toy.

It has taken me like forever to review this product from  I love Tabutoys and I love to give them 5 stars reviews.  However, with the Extase Liberte Rechargeable Massager I can’t even give it 1 star.


First of all, when I got the product I realized it was much smaller than I thought it was. My fault entirely (you should always read the product dimensions), but I went by the picture and it looked much bigger than 4 inches in length.  It is about the same length as my spouses’ middle finger, and in fact resembles a finger.  So, I think it should be categorized as a“finger vibe”.  And, a finger vibe selling for over $85 seems much over priced to me.


It is marketed as a luxury vibrator, but honestly, except for the packaging and that it is rechargeable, there is nothing about it that is luxurious.  It is made of ABS plastic and very, very light in weight.  There is no substance to this vibrator at all.  It “feels” cheap.  My pocket rocket has more weight.


However, I was willing to overlook those two issues, if the vibrator stood up to the promises of delivering an orgasm (which it doesn’t).  The 7 vibrating patterns are up and down and all over the place.  There is not a good steady vibration pattern in all 7 of them, and I found the pulsing and oscillations very distracting.  On top of that, there is no power in this vibe.  It is like an annoying little mosquito.  Suffice to say, I did not get off with this toy and was extremely disappointed.


It seems the manufacturers put all their effort into the luxury packaging rather than the toy itself.


I would not recommend this vibrator.  However, does have other great vibrators like Pocket Rockets if you are looking for something cheap, but that works, and Luxury Toys like Lelo’s that are worth the price of purchase.


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