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April is Green Sex Toy Month!—Sex Toy Contest Give Away—30 Toys for 30 Days

April is Officially Green Sex Toy Month!

In celebration of Earth Day (April 9th, 2011), I am declaring April as “Green Sex Toy Month” in order to build awareness about body-safe and environmentally friendly adult products. It has been my mission at to educate consumers about the potential dangers of sex toy materials and chemicals in personal care products, as well as champion sustainable sex toys, manufacturing and recycling practices by ethical manufacturers and retailers.

Eco-friendly Sex Toy Contest Give Away

Last March and April I reviewed all “green” adult products and this year I am doing it again, but even better! For the entire month of April, we will be reviewing green sex toys and natural body-safe products for adults as well as giving away 1 “green” sex toy (or adult sexuality product) EVERYDAY this month! That’s right you read correctly. That’s 1 sex toy you could win, everyday for the month of April, so 30 prize packages to win, for 30 days, to 30 lucky WINNERS. Amazing right! It sure is, and this promotion would not be possible without my truly wonderful SPONSORS, each of whom is giving away products for review and as PRIZES for the GIVEAWAYS. Not only that, but many of the SPONSORS are also giving my readers COUPONS for a % OFF while shopping at their stores. So stayed tuned to the CONTESTS each day for further details.

First of all, I’d like to thank all my gracious SPONSORS and then you can read more about the CONTEST below.

CONTEST SPONSORS (in no particular order)

Crystal Delights


Blossom Organics

Pleasure Galaxie

Good Clean Love

Big Teaze Toys


Ophoria /Avelli Brands



RubyGlass 21 PopMyCherryReview Shop


To celebrate Green Sex Toy Month, we will also be giving away 1 Green Adult Product a Day for every day of the month of April (that’s 30 days!) to 30 lucky winners. The products donated by my amazing SPONSORS above will include “green” eco-friendly sex toys, body-safe adult products and personal care products such as natural lubricants and sensuality products. While you are encouraged to enter everyday and get extra entries (see below) only 1 prize will be given away to each winner. *Contest is only open to adults 18 years and older who are residents of the continental USA or Canada. Unfortunately, we can’t accept contestants from Alabama because of their stupid NO sex toys law.

1. There are going to be several ways you can enter each GIVEAWAY each DAY. So, first I encourage you to ADD MY FEED for PMCR to you reader, so you will get the daily GIVEAWAY posts and remember to ENTER EACH CONTEST.

2. If you have a BLOG you can post about Green Sex Toy Month and our Contest. We encourage you to write posts about “green” and “body safe” adult sexuality products, and what you are doing to play a role to the “green” movement (sexually speaking or otherwise) to contribute to the cause. You can also make a PLEDGE (below) which I will be compiling for “a Billion Acts of Green®”. Then add a link to your blog post in the comments of this page and I will be posting a link list to your posts each week on Fridays. This will also give you 1 extra entry for each contest you enter during the month. So, if you enter all 30 giveaways, you will get 60 entries for doing just one blog post. Excellent!


3. Retweet the contest via twitter with the hashtag #GreenSexToyMonth and my twitter name @DominaDoll anytime during the month long festivities. You will get one extra entry for each tweet you tweet. Please limit this to no more than 1 Tweet per day as we don’t want to overwhelm your followers. The day you Tweet will give you an extra entry for that day’s giveaway. Hey, and don’t forget to add me to your twitter account!

4. Like on Facebook and receive 1 extra entry for each contest you enter during the month. So, if you enter all 30 giveaways, you will get 60 entries for LIKING our blog on Facebook. Super-fantastic!

5. Follow the directions on each contest page GIVEAWAY as the contest guidelines will vary slightly and make sure to ENTER EVERY DAY.

So, let “Green Sex Toy Month” and the Contests begin!

Tweet on Twitter: Celebrate Green Sex Toy Month & Win Sex Toys from via @dominadoll. Retweet!

Start thinking GREEN and participate in Green Sex Toy Month!

If you would like a badge to place on your site to let others you are participating in “Green Sex Toy Month” and to build awareness, please save a banner below and upload it to your site. Then links to this page !

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  1. Heather says:

    Hello Domina, I love what you’re doing with sex toy give away. Awesome idea! Once I started using body safe and environmentally safe toys I never went back. Green is sexy! 😉
    Love Heather

  1. October 15, 2012

    […] “Green Sex Toy Month” Reviews and Contests were a great success this year. We got approximately 940 entries in 29 contests (so nearly 1000, […]

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