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Over 5 Billion Reasons why You Should Get a We-Vibe

Standard Innovation Corporation, manufacturer of the WeVibe II, the world’s best selling vibrator for couples, says there are over 5 Billion reasons every couple should own one: mainly that “more than 5 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money is spent on divorce and legal fees”.  So, if you buy a We-Vibe, you will save the economy. 🙂

Their new marketing campaign aims at promoting the We-Vibe as a sexual device to facilitate intimacy between couples, to ensure happier, longer-lasting and more sexually gratifying relationships.

The promo features an interactive pictorial display of click-able images that reveal humorous sex and relationships facts, and why you should get a We-Vibe.

Some of these facts include:

  • 11,000 Americans injure themselves every year attempting new ways to increase their pleasure having sex.–Yes, probably true.
  • 75% of women never reach orgasm from sexual stimulation alone.  15% of women never reach orgasm at all.–Sadly, yes, also very true.
  • Increasing the number of orgasms you have can increase your life expectancy. In fact, enjoying more than 100 orgasms per year can increase your age by 3-8 years– I think they mean longevity here… I don’t necessarily want to be 8 years older than I am right now…
  • Pandas are becoming an endangered species because they won’t reproduce.  Unfortunately, the We-Vibe is only for humans 🙁

While you may not be able to save the Pandas, you can save your relationship from hum-drum sex (or no sex at all) by getting a We-Vibe (or so they say!).

So visit Pop My Cherry Shop to check out the new We-Vibe II in pretty colors (teal & rose!) as well as my favorite G spot sex toys.

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