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4 Types of Female Ejaculation Video

This is a great video explaining all about the 4 types of female ejaculation: 2 types of urethral emission and 2 types of vaginal emission which include urinary bladder discharge which is squirting (clear and no smell, could include trace amounts of urine), prostatic fluid (thicker, milky like watery semen,...

G-spot and Squirting with Kara Sutra 1

G-spot and Squirting with Kara Sutra

Kara Sutra clarifies the myths surrounding G-spot and Squirting. Resources- The G-Spot Girl’s Resource Guide How to Pleasure Your G-spot A Critique of Betty Dodson’s How to Squirt Video Yes, Virginia there is a G-spot… But not every woman has one Credits- SexEd 102 on BlipTv Kara Sutra on YouTube...