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Top 100 Sex Bloggers List! 3

Top 100 Sex Bloggers List!

Wow!  Super cool. made the 2001 Top 100 Sex Bloggers List (#45) created and run for the past 3 years by Rori at Between My Sheets.  Thank you to everyone who nominated us (even if I did have to entice you with a nudie shot of my tits)!  Thank...

Reinventing PopMyCherryReview for 2010 0

Reinventing PopMyCherryReview for 2010 is about seven months old since I moved it to its own site, before which it was about a year online.  Now that 2010 has come I find myself reevaluating what I originally wanted to do with PopMyCherryReview.  While doing sex toy reviews was and has been my main...