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Maria Beatty

The Elegant Spanking 15

The Elegant Spanking

The Elegant Spanking (1995) B&W, subtitled, 30 minutes Directed by:  Maria Beatty & Rosemary Delain Produced & Edited by: Maria Beatty & Rosemary Delain Cinematography: Alice Sheldon Story Concept: Rosemary Delain, Richard Rodgers & Maria Beatty Starring: Maria Beatty & Rosemary Delain Music by: John Zorn “The Elegant Spanking” from...

The Black Glove 23

The Black Glove

The Black Glove (1996) B&W, 45 minutes, music only, no subtitles Directed by: Maria Beatty Cinematography: Ethan Mass Cast: Maria Beatty & Mistress Morgana Music by: John Zorn “The Black Glove” from Bleu Productions by Maria Beatty is an atmospheric work utilizing an expressive dance of imagery and sound.  Rather...