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hand cuffs

Incoqnito Leather Hand Cuffs 4

Incoqnito Leather Hand Cuffs

I am always super excited when I find a chic new sexuality shop to review for.  The Pleasure Galaxie has everything I look for in a sex shop: unique product selection with an emphasis on body and earth-friendly items; competitive and affordable prices even on their luxury toys; an educated,...

Bondage 101—Part 2 Bondage Toys 0

Bondage 101—Part 2 Bondage Toys

There are so many different types of bondage toys and ways to bind people, I can really only cover the basics here. Rope—Rope is a bondage enthusiast’s main tool.  There are tones of different types of rope, but only some are useful for bondage.  I personally don’t like nylon or...