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Air Doll video 0

Air Doll video

Reading my RSS feeds this morning and came across a link to Greta Christina’s review of the Japanese film “Air Doll” (Bae Du-na): “Adult Toy Story: Romance vs Reality in Air Doll” on Carnal Nation. I recently blogged about The Making of Real Dolls Video in which I talked briefly...


A Critique of Betty Dodsons How to Squirt Video

So last week while reading through my feeds at, I came across Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross’ video on the G-spot called “How to Squirt“.  I thought, “This should be interesting” knowing that Betty Dodson is kind-of anti-G-spot (or more accurately pro-clitoris); I was interested in what she would...


Defining Female Orgasms 1 2 3

Sigmund Freud first suggested that there were two types of female orgasms: clitoral and vaginal (or G-spot).  He believed that the clitoris was best used for masturbation, while the vagina or G-spot could be stimulated best by sexual intercourse.  Or course this theory made a lot of feminists angry, for...