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Sex Vogue Fashion 1

Sex Vogue Fashion

It looks like I’m not the only one who looks for not-so-subversive sex in fashion advertisements for my pop culture/eye candy posts.  Violet Blue @ also admits to “trolling for porn on fashion blogs more often than places that intentionally feature pornography.”–fashion is pretty cool.  Today she found some...

Obey My Demand – Sexy Couture Leather 1

Obey My Demand – Sexy Couture Leather

Obey My Demand is a luxury lingerie and bodywear brand currently specialising in leather with a unique vision to combine luxury trend driven lingerie with sophistication whilst focusing on the sensuality and power of the female form. Using the finest leather with luxurious silk and soft chiffon ruffles to create...

The Vampire and the Nun 3

The Vampire and the Nun

Given my fetish for both Nuns and Vampires, I don’t know how I missed this! From the presentation of the photos I get this storyline…  Nun brings Vampire back from the undead with her purity.  Vampire seduces Nun, rapes her?, kills her, and then has a cigarette.  Takes her back...

Creepy Lagerfeld Video with Lara Stone 0

Creepy Lagerfeld Video with Lara Stone

I found this video via Gilding the Lily, who calls it “fashion soft-core porn.” “What really drives that creep-factor home is Lagerfeld’s sinister and just down-right disturbing voice of his in the background giving Stone and her companion model direction.” While I’ll admit it is definitely creepy (Lagerfeld- ick… goosebumps),...

Fetish Queen-Dita Von Teese part1 0

Fetish Queen-Dita Von Teese part1

Part 1- Bio “Born Heather Sweet in West Branch, Michigan, Dita grew up fascinated by Technicolor musicals, pin-up imagery, and vintage lingerie. This naturally blond, mid-western girl then transformed herself into one of the glamour girls she grew up adoring. The undisputed international queen of burlesque, Dita brings classic pin-up...

Bound in White 0

Bound in White

“Luciano Carvari’s ad campaign titled ‘No White’ is absolutely, out of control, amazing. It looks like they figured they should go big, or go home. They sure went big with the ‘No White’ ads.”–Robyn Currie via [Trendhunter]

Bound in Black and White 0

Bound in Black and White

American model Shannan Click poses for haute bondage photos (bound in glittering chain) by fashion photographer Dan Martensen for an upcoming provocative  editorial in Exit Magazine showcasing David Yurman‘s designer jewelry. [via-]

Femme Fatale Fetish 3

Femme Fatale Fetish

As as film buff Noir films have always been my favorite genre.  I love the black and white, the stark lighting, the slick wet streets, the dangling cigarettes and smoke, but most of all I love the Femme Fatale. “The dark lady, the spider woman, the evil seductress who tempts...