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The Top Eight Women’s Secret Erotic Fantasies

It is obvious with bestsellers like “Fifty Shades of Grey” that women do have fantasies and want to at least read about them, if not fulfill them.  Years before “Fifty Shades”, Nancy Friday wrote a few books called “My Secret Garden” and “Forbidden Fruit” where she interviewed hundreds of women,...

What Are Your Favorite Role Playing Scenes? 0

What Are Your Favorite Role Playing Scenes?

From my photo series “Bad Behavior” Kara Sutra talked about Roleplaying last week in her SexEd Videos here on PopMyCherryReview.  It made me start thinking of all the different role-playing scenarios I have created and my favorite scenes. In my article last week, Are You Kinky? I defined role playing...

Mermaid Erotic Photography 0

Mermaid Erotic Photography

copyright 2009 In theme with one of my latest strange sex toy reviews, the Tentacle Dildo, I decided to put up a mermaid photoshoot by yours truly that I did two summers ago.  We did this at the beach across the road from where I live.  Model- Miz Niveous,...

Hungry Like Wolves – Erotic Horror 1

Hungry Like Wolves – Erotic Horror

I used to be an erotic horror writer. This story is copyright 2002. Eternal night consumes the City of the  Lost.  A necropolis, where souls of the dead still linger, every gutter a rotting cesspool of death. And those left, the scavengers, the hunters and the hunted.  Kill or be...