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10 Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

If you’ve been in a relationship for any length of time it can sometime be a challenge to make time for, or engage in hot sex.  But, before you go cheating on your mate (22% of adult in monogamous relationships admit to cheating with their partners according to one study,...


The Top Eight Women’s Secret Erotic Fantasies

It is obvious with bestsellers like “Fifty Shades of Grey” that women do have fantasies and want to at least read about them, if not fulfill them.  Years before “Fifty Shades”, Nancy Friday wrote a few books called “My Secret Garden” and “Forbidden Fruit” where she interviewed hundreds of women,...

Come Play With Me 3

Come Play With Me

I have a proposition. I invite you all to play a little game to play with me. I intend to write one paragraph today. It will be the beginning of what I hope will be a very interesting story. The catch is that I need you to help it come...

Are You Kinky? 0

Are You Kinky?

Social Norms Are you kinky?  That question could be answered in any variety of ways depending on who you ask.  Kinky is as kinky does and your degree of kinkiness is defined by what you consider kinky.  What may be vanilla sex to some people—say anal sex—may be edge play...

Seducing My Therapist 9

Seducing My Therapist

I started therapy with the firm intent to seduce my therapist. He was an old philosophy professor of mine and when I got back into town, a decade later, I looked him up. An exchange of emails ensued. The psychoanalytical practice he was thinking of opening sent my mind on...