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Eye Candy

Eye Candy from Delta of Venus! 0

Eye Candy from Delta of Venus!

Thank you to for contributing some vintage erotica to PMCR.  Go check out their site for some more great vintage eye candy! TGIF and Happy Hump day! Click to View Full Image

Aaron Hawks Photography 1

Aaron Hawks Photography

Aaron Hawks’ images are very surreal, postmodern and superficial.  I love his work.  He has a quirky sense of style and I love the unnatural use of color, skewed set design, and fetish for the bizarre, that make his photos look like something out of a kinky, deviant, creepy postmodern...

Gaga Over Lady Gaga 0

Gaga Over Lady Gaga

Seems that everyone is gaga over Lady Gaga, even Babba Wawa, who got the reclusive fame monster to talk about her “bisexuality” (or at least having sex with other women) recently.  But, what I really want to know it where does she shop for her antiquated, far-out, eccentric, avante-garde outfits?...

Wicked Wanton Witchie-Poo 0

Wicked Wanton Witchie-Poo

Happy Halloween, or Samhain to all my fellow hedonist witches, pagans and wiccans out there!  Hot gothic gallery from

Gothic Halloween Eye Candy 0

Gothic Halloween Eye Candy

One more day until Halloweenie!  Oh boy!  Here are some free gothic eye candy photos from to drool over.