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“Smooth” Erotic Stories for Women Book Review 0

“Smooth” Erotic Stories for Women Book Review

“Smooth” is an erotic anthology of stories that focus around the female body. The book is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and published by Cleis Press. It is available in a print, softcover edition or also available in a Kindle edition for less than ten dollars. The book is 204...

“Lovers and Beloveds” Erotic Ebook Review 2

“Lovers and Beloveds” Erotic Ebook Review

“Lovers and Beloveds” is an erotic novel written by MeiLin Miranda. The subtitle is “An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom”. It’s available in so many formats that you really have no excuse not to read it: paperback, PDF, kindle book, epub, and so many others. I read the Kindle...

All My Reviews 1

All My Reviews

Here are all my reviews in one place for easy access.  These include my reviews here as well as the ones on other sites. I currently review sex toys for (the biggest selection bar none), Vibe Review (savvy and girl friendly),  Babeland (girl sexy and savvy), Extreme Restraints (very...