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Domina Doll is the go-to “s”expert in sex magic, manifesting, women’s sexual health and wellness, orgasms, pleasure, the G-spot and female sexual anatomy…

How To Manifest Better Sex


Domina Doll, a manifesting expert, recommends using all-pink manifesting tools if it’s better sex you’re after. Pink symbolizes love (including self-love), and the color promotes peace and understanding, as well as encourages an open heart. Doll recommends sex toys made of rose quartz, a gem that fosters attraction, connection, and loving relationships. Experiment with yoni eggs and swap your vibrator for a crystal G-spot stimulating toy to add some manifesting power and luck, like Le Wand Crystal G Wand.

“Ginger is considered an aphrodisiac, so use it in love spells to do with passionate love,” says Doll. Patchouli symbolizes love as a soulmate, and sandalwood and orange both fire sexual stimulation. I like using these oils mixed together to create a ritual bath before doing magic rituals and manifesting works,” says Doll. “Add a couple of drops to bath water to cleanse and purify your energy, raise your vibration, ground and open your manifesting chakra (sacral).”

3 Unusual Sex Toys For A Whole New ‘Twist’ On Nipple Orgasms


Did you know that women can orgasm just from having their nipples stimulated? Yes, it’s true! Nipple-gasms are a real thing, which is awesome for nipple lovers and women who have sensitive areolas.

Surprisingly, this is because nipple stimulation activates the same area of the brain as clitoral, cervical and vaginal stimulation.”

How To Manifest Your Dream Home


“Vetiver is used for grounding, calming, balancing, purifying, dream magic and lucid dreaming and it aids in bringing our unconscious thoughts into reality and in receiving messages from your dreams and the divine,” says Domina Doll, a manifesting expert. She adds that it may also protect your aura from negative influences, so it may be particularly helpful when you’re looking to release negativity.

8 Sex Positions That’ll Make You a Rim Job Pro

From Cosmo

“Rimming is a rather taboo adventure, but the anal opening is rich in sensitive nerve endings, and when licked, sucked or French-kissed with a hot wet tongue can feel incredibly pleasurable and highly erotic,” says Domina Doll, a passion, pleasure, and empowerment coach, and writer at Sexpert.

“A way to overcome the fear of ending up with a ‘potty mouth’ is to make sure everything down there is squeaky-clean. Make sure to have a shower or bath beforehand and thoroughly clean your a-hole with mild soap and water,” says Doll. “Don’t eat anything for a few hours before your ass-licking sesh, especially gassy foods that may make you fart.”

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Domina’s articles have been published in Women’s Health, Thought Catalog, YourTango,, Scandelous Woman , and

4 Topics To Avoid On A First Date Because They’ll Scare The Other Person Off

From ThoughtCatalog

If you want to have a successful first date, then consider avoiding these somewhat awkward conversation topics. And, while they may seem obvious and a no-brainer, you’d be surprised how many people totally fail by adding these topics to conversations.

Sure, we all ultimately have one thing on the brain! However, bringing up sex on a first date is just awkward. If you’re attracted to a guy you might feel the urge to tell him what you want to do to him later, but it’s probably best to keep your love of anal sex toys a secret, at least until the third date.

Queen’s Triad: Intro to MMF Threesomes


Have you ever fantasized about being the “F” in the middle of an MFM sex sandwich? According to Dr. Justin Lehmiller, threesomes are the most common fantasy in the US, with 95% of guys and 87% of women saying it topped their sexual bucket list. That’s good news for those of you who dream of being double-teamed by two sexy dudes at the same time.

Got A Hairy Butt? Learn Why It’s Totally Normal + Get Expert Removal Tips


Two words? Hairy butt! Those little curlies that grow secretly inside your butt cleavage – or on your butt cheeks – and make you cringe at the thought of wearing a G-string at the beach. Or even worse… having sex… doggie style… with the lights still on!? You’re not the only one! Results from a two-part study of women from diverse backgrounds showed “overwhelming negativity toward women growing body hair.”

Ten Amazing Facts About the Clitoris

From Pillow Talk: Lion’s Den Blog

The G-spot is Actually Part of the Clitoris

And, for the other 20-30% of us who can reach orgasm via the vagina, in the zone known as the G-spot, you may be stimulating the internal clitoris. That’s because the G-spot is made up of a much “larger erogenous structure known as the clitorethrovaginal complex, or CVU, which includes the clitoris, vagina, and urethra. So, during international vaginal and G-spot stimulation, you are also massaging the internal clitoris that wraps around the top wall of the vagina and urethral (urethral sponge) and along the sides of the vagina and vulva as well (cura and bulbs). While the G-spot is part of the internal clitoris and CVU, it is also still a specific zone or area, that when stimulated the right way can lead to immense pleasure and squirting orgasms.

Sexual Feng Shui for the Bedroom


Sexual feng shui incorporates “sensual fusion” (a holistic approach to sex) by nurturing sensuality (the senses) into your life and environment. Sexual feng shui creates peace and harmony in your relationship with your lover, invokes desire and passion, boots energy and performance, as well as heightening sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction for a more freely flowing, highly nourishing and romantic sex life.

What Are Your Secret Erotic Fantasies? Find Out Now!


Do you have secret erotic fantasies? A dark dirty secret that makes your heart skip a beat, leaves you weak in the knees and wet (or hard) between the thighs? Maybe it is something so naughty and secret you even hide it from yourself. Or, perhaps you are aware of it, and often fantasize about it, but would never attempt to do it in real life. Or, maybe, just maybe, you have built up the courage to explore these darker desires but just don’t know how or where to start? Then again, you may not know exactly what erotic fantasies your heart desires, but are interested in exploring your options?

What is a NippleGasm?


Those erotic nubs of pleasure are not only the object of lust and sustenance (got milk?) but can also be extremely orgasmic. Some people even wear clamps or rubber bands on their nipples to heighten erotic sensation or employ clitoral stimulators to achieve the same.

A Brief History of Masturbation


Masturbation is a tale as old as evolution (and humans are among at least a dozen animal species that enjoy self-pleasuring themselves!) You don’t have to look far for signs of human self-gratification. While we now have porn and erotica showing people in the act of self-love, early hunters and gatherers from the Upper Paleolithic once painted pictures of people self-stimulating on the walls of caves.

How to Do a Yoni Massage


Genital massage not only aids in sexual stimulation, but it promotes blood flow to the vulva which is beneficial for genital health. So by taking the time out to relax and give yourself a genital massage, you are doing your body as well as your sexual libido a favour!

Kink 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Your Own BDSM Fantasy


Until quite recently, BDSM was something only for kinky folks, done in some scary dungeon in the middle of suburbia with a bunch of sexual deviants dressed in leather corsets wielding cat o’nine tail whips! (Okay we weren’t all deviant, just a bit perverted!). But, BDSM is nothing new. People have been exploring their kinky fantasies since, well… like forever. And, while they may have been a bit taboo and done behind closed doors, kinky fantasies have always been a popular pastime, at least in our collective imaginations.

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