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About Domina Doll

About Domina

Domina specializes in helping women tap into their sexual superpowers so they can manifest their dream life and learn how to THRIVE!

Domina Doll is a Passion, Pleasure, and Empowerment Expert, a Sex Witch, and Manifesting Alchemist. Her passion is teaching women how to harness their sexual superpowers so they can manifest their desires using sexual energy and sex magic. Her work has been published both online and in print including Cosmo, Bustle, Thought Catalog, YourTango, Volonte (Lelo’s Blog), Slutty Girl Problems, and Women’s Health Interactive. She is also the author of: “Jillin’ Off: A Girl’s Guide to Solo Sex” and former Managing Editor of Domina is Lovehoney’s official Passion, Pleasure and Empowerment Expert, writing how-to guides to help people have better sex!

In the past 20 years Domina has worked for the largest sex toy company online as the Affiliate Manager and has also dabbled as a fetish photographer, filmmaker, creative make-up artist, sex toy reviewer, sensual lifestyle Dominatrix, and a Jill of many trades. Domina is owner of, a full-service adult marketing and design company, a member of Women of Sex Tech and a Certified Sex, Love and Intimacy Coach, Reiki III Master, and Kundalini Reiki Energy Healer. Domina has trained in several holistic modalities including Sacred Tantra Sexuality, Ancient Taoist Sexual Empowerment, Metaphysics, Magic, Kundalini, Moon Magic, Jungian & Goddess Archetypes, Sex Magic and Manifesting,

Domina has a BFA in film, photography, and feminist film studies, and her photography, film and installation work has been featured in Broken Pencil, Venus Envy, UNB Art Center, NetPorn Amsterdam Expo, Moncton Art Gallery, Tidal Wave Film Festival, Center for Art Tapes, Anna Leonownes Gallery, Park Lane Theaters, A-Space Gallery, & Gallery Connexion.  Domina live in Port Saxon, Nova Scotia by the ocean and hails from a long line of witches, druids, Native American Chiefs and Necromantic nymphomaniacs. Happy Orgasms <3

Contact Domina – DominaDoll @