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Spinning Sex Swing

Kalyana Malla, writer of the Ananga-Ranga, an Eastern text that includes the Kama Sutra, believed that couples grow bored of sex with each other because of lack of varied sexual pleasure and monotony.  The cure, he thought, was a healthy sexual imagination, and varying sexual positions.  Yet, many of these sexual positions are extremely difficult to do on by oneself (unless you were an aspiring porn star) and the most difficult often provided the most stimulation and sexual satisfaction.  So, someone in ancient India got the idea to invent the first sex swing to facilitate different positions.  These swings were pretty crude and expensive by today’s standards and required many attendants to help use them with multiple ropes and pulleys.  Many of these devices were far more like torture than pleasure.

Luckily, today we live at the pinnacle of hedonism and technology, and can purchase the Spinning Sex Swing for a little more than $100.

The Spinning Sex Swing

The Spinning Sex Swing is very well made and super sturdy.  It has all the sexy metal hardware you need to screw it into your door jam or ceiling including a huge spring and torque support bar.  The harness is made of strong quality nylon strap with neoprene padding for comfort.  It is pretty easy to install, comes with instructions and takes about 20 minutes to set it up, and then you are ready for fun.  Make sure to install this swing where there is a beam so it will take your weight which can be easily found using a stud finder.  Simply screwing it in the ceiling is not enough.  It holds up to 400lbs if you do not use the spring and 200lbs with the spring.  When you are not using the swing, you can hang a pretty plant on the eyelet screw.

The spinning sex swing features two padded straps for support, one to sit on, the other to lay back on and a set of padded stir-ups all in stylish leopard print (in case you want to take pics!).  It is fairly comfortable and allows you to easily get into positions that your normally wouldn’t be able to without it.  The sex swing also comes with a booklet that shows you various positions so you can learn how to fuck like a porn star!  Well… maybe not exactly, but you will be able to get into the challenging positions you’ve only dreamed of that offer deeper penetration possibilities.  Plus, the feeling of being weightless while having sex is amazing.

If the Spinning Sex Swing doesn’t spice up your sex life and take away the monotony, then nothing will!

Spinning Sex Swing

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